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‘Bloodshot’ Review: A Messy Plot Of Bits And Pieces Of Superhero Movies And An All-Time Scowling Vin Diesel

Ever wanted a lumbering, constantly glowering superhero?

You know, when you see a superhero movie and all you can dream of is how cool it would be shoot lasers from your eyes, to fly, to be invincible, right? Well, Bloodshot makes one yearn too, but not for its brooding superhero, Vin Diesel’s superpowers but the fact that he doesn’t remember his past, save a mini moment just before his life as human ended. What wouldn’t someone give the muddled mess of stolen slices of plot pieces from movies like RoboCop, Universal Soldier, Memento, Wolverine, and while we may run out of movies to name, Bloodshot never runs short of other story plots it can steal from 

While every superhero film is based on the same cliched concept of losing a loved in a tragic and violent incident, dying, and then being re-born as a superhero, but Bloodshot equal steps up from giving a done-and-dusted vibe to putting the viewer in an I-am-gonna-blow-my-brains-out-if-this-continues mood. Everyone refuses to invest any more than what is written in the script, aided by a Vin Diesel who lumbers through the plot with an angry scowl, as probably there is nothing to drive in this one. So, he is neither Fast nor the right kind of Furious. 

So, this brand new superhero film is based on the Valiant Comics character, that has attempted to begin its own vigilante tree with Bloodshot, planning to give some tough competition to Marvel and DC Comics. But trying (and spectacularly failing) to bring to the screen a story and performance worthy of 1992’s Robocop, the film narrates the origin story of a military man who died and was brought back as a super-soldier. But even though it is packed with car and truck chases, explosions, and way too much action, it doesn’t hold even a dying candle to all the movies it is “inspired” from. 

Okay, so as per the story we have a military man Raymond Garrison (Vin Diesel) who witnesses the death of his wife, Gina, before being shot in the head and dying. But he is brought back to life by Dr. Emil Harting, played by Guy Pearce reliving his villainous role from Iron Man 3, who shoots billions of nanobots into his blood (hence the name Bloodshot), giving him superpowers like invincibility, self-healing abilities, super speed, mind-melding with the Internet, and yet he is unable to remember anything, except the death of his wife. But the face of her killer keeps changing, replaced by Emil and his firm Rising Spirit Technologies (RST), who switch the face depending on who they want dead next. 

But despite the emotional angle, which is poorly executed via the screenplay and hardly performed by Vin Diesel, one sees Garrison more as a killing mission. His loss and pain never register enough for one to root for him or empathize with him losing his happy family life. The downgraded CGI that adorns every second frame, doesn’t help either. 

And it is not as if the action sequences are so great that one can ponder over the possibility of letting go of the glaring errors that make up Bloodshot- we have a mad, hopped-up on nanobots, frowning superhero serving a slow-motion action. 

So, yep, that’s all Bloodshot is- a badly written film, helmed by an incompetent director who employs bad CGI to make a lumbering and oh, constantly glowering Vin Diesel look good as he slow mo’s through the explosions and flying bullets. 

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