Chris Hemsworth Praises Randeep Hooda’s ‘110%’ Dedication In ‘Extraction’ And Feeling ‘Real Excitement’ In India

Randeep Hooda has “something special”

With the lockdown in India extended to 3rd May, we would have been left to deal with another two weeks of no movie plans had Netflix not risen to the occasion and treated us with the unique package of Hollywood meets Bollywood in its upcoming film, Extraction. While Extraction, an action-adventure extravaganza, stars many talented Indian actors like Pankaj Tripathi, newcomer Rudraksh Jaiswal, and Randeep Hooda, it is the latter that the film’s lead actor, Marvel’s iconic superhero, Chris Hemsworth is immensely impressed with.

With the film slated to drop on 24th April on Netflix, Chris Hemsworth was earlier planning to promote the film in India but given the current lockdown mode, the world is in, he and director San Hargrave recently held a virtual press conference to answer boiling questions about Extraction.

Talking about how neither Chris Hemsworth nor director Sam Hargrave were much aware of Indian films and its actors, they shared how they ended up getting the golden talents of the industry aboard on Extraction like Pankaj Tripathi and Randeep Hooda, with particular emphasis on the latter.

Chris Hemsworth is, in particular, very impressed with the actor as “most of my stuff was with Randeep (Hooda).” We will be watching the two action stars engaging in a lot of high octane fight sequences where Hemsworth’s mercenary Tyler Rake faces off against Hooda’s warrior-like character Saju.

“We had fight sequences and hand-to-hand combat and endless rehearsals,” he shared, adding that it was Hooda “putting 110 percent” that made him realize that “neither of you is willing to quit.” 

In fact, one of the highlights of Extraction is a 12-minute-long action sequence between the two actors, which Hemsworth found rather exhausting and confessed that had Hooda not been there, “the scene wouldn’t be all that special.”

Director Hargrave too was all praise for the Indian actor and was taken by his “depth and gravity”. “This guy has something special,” he said. 

Chris Hemsworth felt “real excitement” on shooting the film in India

It was not just the exhilaration of acting with stellar actors like Pankaj Tripathi and Hooda, but also the “real excitement” Hemsworth felt while shooting the film in Mumbai and Dhaka. 

“I have such pleasant memories of people and interactions there and a lot of enthusiasm and positivity. There was real excitement for us shooting there. We had never shot there before,” he said.

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