DC Is All Set To Launch A New Underdog Superhero Movie, Hourman

An all new superhero!

Hourman movie is DC’s latest project. Along with Marvel Studios, DC has also taken upon the armor to launch new superheroes in its universe. With Zack Snyder’s Cut of Justice League premiered on 18th March, DC is all set to introduce a new superhero, Hourman. According to Deadline, Warner Bros. and DC Films are coming together along with Chernin Entertainment to make a movie on this iconic character.

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All about the Hourman movie

Hourman’s character was first introduced in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. It was played by American actor,  Lou Ferrigno, Jr., and Cameron Gellman on Stargirl. Hourman movie will be written by Gavin James and Neil Widener and produced by DC and Warner Bros. The character was first created by Ken Fitch and Bernard Baily in the DC Comics Adventure Comics #48 in March 1940.

The Hourman movie’s character has three incarnations. The first one is the original version of Rex Tyler, who was a chemist. He created a substance, “Miraclo”, that provides him with super-strength and endurance but only for an hour. Tyler’s son, Rick, will eventually become the hero, Hourman during the iconic “Crisis on Infinite Earths” event. Rick and Rex were even shown as addicts due to the “Miraclo” drug in the adult version of the comics.

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Any other details about the movie are still under the covers. But we sure know that DC has tried to launch the superhero since 2013, they had been developing a series around Hourman for the CW. Hourman movie will also finally reunite Chernin and James and Widener, who are currently working on Hot Wheels, a sequel to San Andreas. The duo has also sold Liberty Road to 3000 Pictures years ago.

Another superhero movie from DC?

Along with the Hourman movie, DC is also launching its Blue Beetle movie by Charm City Kings director Angel Manuel Soto. The movie focuses on DC’s underdog character, Blue Beetle. Blue Beetle first appeared in Mystery Man Comics in August 1939. It was originally created by Fox Comics. The superhero gains its powers from a special vitamin which later on came to known as “sacred scarab”.

Well, it would be sure interesting to see the new era of DC superheroes apart from Superman and Batman.

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