Even Ryan Reynolds’ Straight-Faced Humour Can’t Make “6 Underground” Worth A Watch

A big NOPE for logic-seekers

How would you describe a typical Michael Bay film? Full of insane, unnecessary, and super-fast action sequences, a shallow storyline with equally hollow character stories, and exploding CGI, right? Well, for those who relish this particular recipe of “cinema” can happily open their Netflix accounts and watch the director’s latest motley of pointlessness i.e., “6 Underground.”

Director of once hit franchises like “Transformers”, Michael Bay is back again with one more film which is stuffed with over-hyped action sequences, storytelling devoid of logic or sense, and crass humour. “6 Underground” complete with insanely stretched-out car chases and glamorous filming locations, stars Ryan Reynolds, a self-made billionaire and tech-genius who after a life-altering incidence fakes his own death to recruit and create a vigilante squad, made of mercenaries who stand by justice just like him. 

He makes them cut all connections to their old identities and lives, which includes their names. So, each and everyone is anointed a number, for example, Ryan Reynolds’ character is number 1 and so on. Aided by his team of vigilantes, he sets out to do all the “dirty work” governments of the world avert their eyes from and bring about revolution. 

Their justice-seeking spree then comes across the barbaric President of Turgistan (a fictionalized state in the Pakistan province), Alimov (Lior Raz) and they plan to overthrow him and then replace him with his brother, who is under house arrest, in order to bring peace to a nation suffering under its present President’s tyranny. 

But what the film is going to be like is set by its very first, over-the-top car chase scene in Florence, accompanied by Number Four’s parkour stunts and thus, despite a somewhat-there plot premise, “6 Underground”’s focus is its action sequences and…well, its action sequences. 

There is hardly anything in the film that make it hard-to-skip because, at the end of the day after you have gotten over your deep-set crush/obsession over Ryan Reynolds, you’ll see that “6 Underground” is a typical Bay film. There are ample scenes to offer you that rush of adrenaline, so if violent action scenes and CGI-on-every-turn is what rocks your ship then it will be one of the most enthralling movies for you. 

But if you specifically opened Netflix in hopes of witnessing a thriller film complete with action and a witty storyline as well as garnished with Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool persona on the side, be ready to be disappointed. And be warned, the list of disappointments is pretty long. Whether it is the way too extensive use of slow-motion, in every alternate frame,  which makes the two-hour film feel much longer or the quick jump cuts, “6 Underground” is riddled with flaws. And its absence of an intelligent storyline is further debilitated by its lack of narrative coherence. 

Apart from Ryan Reynolds, “6 Underground” includes 5 other lead characters-  Mélanie Laurent, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Adria Arjona, Corey Hawkins, Ben Hardy, and Dave Franco- but the barely-there efforts to build these characters up lights up the flaws of the film like a neon light.

So, even when the film is spiked with Ryan Reynolds’s straight-faced humour, a Mélanie Laurent who can kick ass (and still look like a million bucks), selfless acts of heroism, dangling eyeballs, and heaped with technical mumbo-jumbo, “6 Underground” fails to hold your attention. 

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