Extraction Review: Relentless Action, Gore, Flurry Of Bullets, Blown Up Cars, In A Dull, Somber Story

Adrenaline rush- Yeah. Emotional investment- NADA!

Sitting in our homes, up to our neck with every available series and film out there, one would naturally seek a fresh cinematic experience, devoid of the usual cliched plotlines. And though we fervently hoped Sam Hargrave’s debut feature Extraction to be our salvation, it ended up being just another relentless action movie about the international drug trade- a plot so overused that even the lure of watching Chris Hemsworth in motion once again, aided by Bollywood stalwarts like Randeep Hooda and Pankaj Tripathi (barely there) couldn’t make the wrongs right.

If you were hoping for some sudden twist to stir the movie away from the telling-you-everything plot that the trailer of Extraction presented, then sorry pal, you have been bamboozled! (sorry, too much Friends these days). Apart from one, oh-woah-what-did-just-happen moment, in the beginning, the rest of the film is….duh, predictive. 

So, Extraction presents Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake, is a mercenary dispatched to Dhaka, Bangladesh, to rescue the kidnapped 14-year-old son, Ovi Mahajan (Rudhraksh Jaiswal) of an imprisoned Indian drug lord, Ovi Mahajan Sr. (Pankaj Tripathi) from his father’s Bangladeshi rival drug lord, Amir (Priyanshu Painyuli). 

Amir, elegantly dressed at all times and calmly watching as children are thrown off roofs to find out who took his money, is distracted when the news reaches him- Tyler came, wham-bammed the baddies, and rescued Ovi within minutes. The already we-know-what’s-gonna-happen-next plot stretches to include every done and dusted-to-death cliche- criminal and the cops working together, cars blowing up, Chris Hemsworth as the stereotypical grey-shaded hero, with a tortured past, getting plummed like a sack and still getting up, yadda yadda yadda, you know where Extraction is going.

Extraction comes from Sam Hargrave, who has aided the Marvel movies as a stunt coordinator. And thus, him omitting any consideration to adding emotions and a legible story to his break-neck action scenes can be forgiven but what can’t be forgotten is the fact that the story was written by Joe Russo, the Marvel films’ ace director

But all we got were cliched dialogues, character bonds that had all the potential to give something deeper but never got past all the insane focus on making it an action-crime film and nothing else. It doesn’t help that after amassing a pool of talent with actors like Pankaj Tripathi, David Harbour, Priyanshu Painyuli, and Randeep Hooda, they are all but wasted with weak storylines and are under-utilized.

So, adrenaline rush- yeah, emotional investment- NADA. You will not be afraid for the kid’s safety, or Chris Hemsworth’s Tyler and definitely not for Randeep Hooda’s, sleek-haired Saju in Extraction. In such stories we always know that the kid will live, the extras gunning to save him will die, and the ‘savior’ will miraculously survive every damn bullet, and mind you there were many for our Tyler here, who was no Thor this time to pull off the immortal-to-blood-spurting-out-of-every-body-part injuries. 

What Sam Hargrave does manage to nail is letting the locales and setting speak for itself, without inserting English-speaking slum-dwellers and drug lords living in the heart of countries like India and Bangladesh. They mouth dialogues in their respective languages i.e., Hindi, Bengali, and some do speak in English, allowing Extraction to be steeped in the South Asian scenario without interference. 

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