‘Fantastic Beast 3’ Star Dan Fogler Wishes WB Had Handled Johnny Depp’s Exit ‘Better’

“What’s best for Johnny and what’s best for the film may not be equal.”

Unless you spent the last few months or so under a rock, you are already aware that Warner Bros. took the tough decision of removing Johnny Depp from the lead antagonist role of Gellert Grindelwald, the evil wizard who wants to rule the Muggle i.e., non-magical world. It was a quick move that was taken right after Depp lost his defamation lawsuit against the U.K. tabloid The Sun. And now, the actor’s co-star in the film, Dan Fogler has aired his thoughts on the same, confirming that the film’s cast was not informed prior to Depp’s departure.

After Jude Law’s diplomatic take on Johnny Depp’s removal, it was high time that someone addressed the sudden changes in Fantastic Beasts 3’s cast, especially after WB took no time to replace the actor with Hannibal star Mada Mikkelson recently. Dan Fogler, who plays the meek Muggle friend of Newt Scamander, recently took to Instagram to accept that yes, like Johnny Depp’s millions of fans, even the cast is not happy to see him go. 

“What’s best for Johnny and what’s best for the film may not be equal. The right decision may not be what’s fair. It’s not simple. I love Johnny and want him to be the best he can be. I selfishly want him at his best if I ever get to work with him again. It’s not my decision,” he explained.

While WB has its own, rather genuine reasons for making Johnny Depp step down from his role in Fantastic Beasts 3, the no-explanation-given decision left many fans frustrated given the fact that the actor hasn’t been officially proven guilty. It is this sentiment that Fogler echoes in his post next. 

“I’m by no means an expert in this case obviously but I felt a need to say something since fans were needing some explanation. I felt silence was even worse. I’m human. Do I wish WB had handled this better and informed the cast and gave us proper talking points when asked…? Yup. It’s a big reason why we’re here chatting. And When I say ‘Johnny is a magnificent comet with a messy debris field’ it’s my observation of exactly what I’ve witnessed over the years. I’d say the same about Jack Nicholson or any of the awesome bad boys of entertainment that we love so much, it’s why we love them.”

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He further added that while he wasn’t exactly on board with the exit of Johnny Depp, he “can’t speak for WB & why they finally decided to let him go.”

“I can only assume all the darkness & chaos swirling around this case finally became a possible liability in their minds & perhaps they felt the stress had taken a toll physically and mentally on JD. Shit it’s hard for me to concentrate on my own work while trying to deal with this issue with you all, I can only imagine how tough it is for Johnny right now,” he concluded. 

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