‘Fast and Furious 9’ Is Nine Times As Notorious – Han Rue Makes A Comeback From The Dead

They are fast. They are furious. And they defy logic

If you are a fan of the Fast and Furious franchises, or even if you have just watched one or two, you know you don’t really apply logic to the happenings of it all. And in the tale of Dom for the ninth time, Fast and Furious 9 brings back the dead character of Han Lue, played by actor Sung Kang. 

They are fast. They are furious. And they defy logic.

Han DIED seemingly in a car crash in Tokyo Drift. Add the ‘seemingly’ now, because as we’ve seen in the trailer for Fast and Furious 9, he’s back completely alive and got a haircut too. Han’s death in Fast and the Furious 6 was revealed to be a killing by Deckard Shaw, Jason Statham’s character. Dom injured his brother Owen, played by Luke Evans, so Deckard killed Han. But apparently, he failed.   

As we see him alive and back! 

In the extremely adrenaline filled trailer of Fast and Furious 9, we see just about everything and anything possible in a car. The highlight of the trailer is Dom doing the Tarzan-rope-jump from a cliff, WITH A CAR! So, to see Han Lue chilling with the rest of the gang wasn’t that surprising after all. And in all honesty, he’s there to help them fight Dom’s brother, Jakob, played by John Cena, who has teamed up with evil incarnate Cipher, played by Charlize Theron. 

No matter how illogical, the move does make sense! (See the irony?) 

Even though, surviving the car crash that he did will be no mean feat, they’ll come up with something. The working theory by some YouTubers is that the suit used for protecting Hobbs from a bullet in the 2018 spin off, “Hobbs and Shaw” would be used in some manner to save Han too. Whatever the case might be, his new car which is awfully similar to the one he crashed in, is a little spine-chilling for long term fans. Being one of the characters that bought calmness and rest to this otherwise ‘ad-junkie’ of a feature film, his absence was certainly felt in the last few movies. 

So, if the makers of Fast and Furious 9 were so hell-bent on bringing back characters who have already passed, this would be a befitting one. (Imagine if we had these bringing back life powers for real, a certain Mr Walker comes to mind. Alas!)

Fast and Furious 9 hits the theatres on the 22nd May 2020. Stay tuned for more updates. 

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