Gal Gadot On The ‘Challenging’ Yet ‘Delightful’ Experience of Wonder Woman 1984

It’s not as easy as it looks

We would be lying if don’t agree that whenever we watch an action flick like the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984, that all the actors did was stand in front of green screens and let the production team, handling the CGI and other special effects, make it look all sleek and adrenaline-raising. But if you ask the actors in question it is no easy feat as explained by Gal Gadot when she recently got around to chatting about reprising her role in Wonder Woman 1984. 

Recently, Gal Gadot shared her thoughts on getting the opportunity to bring Princess Diana of Themyscira once again during the first screenings of Wonder Woman 1984. As reported by Cinemablend, while it’s undoubtedly an honor for her, the sequel has been touted as a successor to the original in many ways– ways that needed the actress to have an extensive, physically taxing schedule for almost a year!

“The challenging part is mostly the physical part. We shoot for such an extent; we shoot for almost eight months, five, six days a week. It’s just, it’s very, very, very intensive,” she shared, adding that “working on set is just delightful” and she is “working with people that I love and working on a character that I feel so connected to. And it’s just delightful.  It’s great. It’s the life.” 

But it was still tough for Gal Gadot to shoot Wonder Woman 1984

Even though she is “getting paid” for being Princess Diana and “it’s like a dream coming true,” it’s was a difficult task to accomplish given director Patty Jenkins aversion to using excessive amount of special effects. 

“The “hardest parts were just how demanding the shoots were and how physical it was because it was very important for Patty that we do minimum amount of CGI,” she further added.

To that, add the fact that not every scene is done in one take– there could have been multiple retakes and as Gal Gadot is the star of Wonder Woman 1984, she has had the most scenes which are majorly action sequences. 

“Most of the stuff that you see – the running on Pennsylvania Avenue, the Amazon sequence, the fight with Cheetah. Most of it, it’s real people doing it for real. And so for the obvious reasons, it took longer to shoot, and it’s very tiring on your body,” she added. 

Real action vs CGI-ed scenes

But no matter how bone-tired the shooting made her, Gadot would always prefer actually performed scenes to CGI action, especially after she has sat down and watched Wonder Woman 1984. 

“You see the result and I was so satisfied with it because I was like, ‘Oh my God, you can see the difference.’ You can tell the difference between real action to CGI action. You can see it in the way that we move, that we hold our faces, our bodies. So that was the hardest part. The rest of it, honestly Wonder Woman feels like a second home for me,” she explained. 

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