“Harry Potter” Leaving HBO Max, Peacock Drops Titles In Streaming Shuffle

“Harry Potter” Franchise will not be available on HBO Max staring August 25

Streaming channels like Peacock and HBO Max are already dropping titles a few months after their launch. The famous “Harry Potter” franchise that the latter featured at its launch is set to disappear from the channel. Similarly, the “Jurassic Park” Trilogy will now appear on Netflix after disappearing from Peacock’s server.

Only three months after they arrived on WarnerMedia’s streaming server, the eight-film series, “Harry Potter” is leaving the server by August 25. Rumours are that the infamous movie series will be streamed on NBCUniversal’s Peacock, another new streaming service provider.

The reason for these rumours stems from the fact that WarnerMedia and NBCUniversal signed a deal prior to the launch of HBO Max. And this deal gave NBCU full rights to the “Harry Potter” franchise through 2025.

Both streaming service providers Peacock and HBO Max can make additional revenue by renting out movies to other streaming channels like Netflix and Hulu. “Harry Potter” leaving HBO Max is just one out of a number of titles that are dropped on rotation by such services. The latter even dropped all Batman movies in June, however, those movies are set to reappear on the platform.

Peacock, too, functions the same way. Having been launched only recently, this platform is already facing a barrage of questions over disappearing or set to leave titles. Just like “Harry Potter” leaving HBO Max has become the news of the day, Peacock is also set to drop big titles like “Jurassic Park” – which will now appear on Netflix in August- ” Shrek” and “The Matrix” Trilogy. Peacock launched on Comcast systems in April and had a national expansion last week.

The disappearance of theses big titles isn’t fairly new. Even Disney+ dropped titles like “Home Alone” and “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” last year after its launch.

Though Streaming Services are now trying to gain exclusive right tot heir content which is expensive, platforms like HBO Max and Peacock keep rotating available titles so as to manage the consumer viewing. Some sites aren’t interested in doing exactly that, Netflix original’s don’t leave the platform nor do the big Disney franchises leave Disney. In fact, the whole ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Marvel’ universe depend on Disney Plus as their streamer.

The streaming industry insiders call this shuffling of films on a streaming channel, film windowing. Films disappear or leave the streaming service and then make a come back a few months later. The consumers of the service are constantly on it to ensure they know what is going to happen to what film. Different from when franchises like ‘Star Wars’ would play on repeat on cable TV.

The era of streaming and entertainment is definitely shifting.

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