Inside: Panipat Actress Kriti Sanon’s Response To Comparison With Priyanka Chopra

It’s more of a Media Frenzy than anything else!

Ashutosh Gowarikar’s Panipat has been the talk of the town for a fair amount of time. Not necessarily for the right reasons, though. The movie received a lot of criticism due to the look of the characters being too similar to the characters of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s classic, Bajirao Mastani. Specially, Kriti Sanon’s Parvati Bai looks just like Priyanka Chopra Jonas’ Kashibai from the 2015 mega blockbuster. 

Kriti reacts to comparison with PCJ

Kriti Sanon chooses not to pay attention to the comparisons. In an interview with Mid-Day, the gorgeous actress talked about her journey in the movie and on being compared to PCJ. And guess what, she is unbothered!

Believe us, it wasn’t even awkward when they met!

Even when Kriti met Priyanka during a party, they had a fun time talking about their respective characters and their closeness. 

“We were trying to figure the exact relation between Kashibai and Parvatibai,” Sanon said,

Adding further, “Priyanka had seen my video where I was dancing on Coca Cola [Luka Chuppi song] in my vanity van, dressed as Parvatibai. It resonated with her. She (PCJ) said, ‘It reminded me of myself because whenever I would be off the set, I was no longer Kashibai. I would slip into my character again when I was on the set.’ We had a fun, informal conversation.”

It’s more of a Media Frenzy than anything else!

Bollywood actors and actresses have left the spite and rivalry long behind. Gone are the days when heroines were stacked up against each other in different ‘clans’. Or, days when there were bitchy cold wars between actors that the media loved to pry on, or even create at times. 

What’s up, Bollywood? 

It is clear from this that Bollywood actors, like their audiences, have grown wiser. As the audience has developed a better understanding of cinema and what it stands for, the actors too understand that it goes beyond what it looks like. 

Ever since the first look was released, the unforgiving social media world took them to the cleaners. There were tweets, posts and memes of all kinds. Here are some of the best Panipat memes. As they say no publicity is bad publicity, Panipat too will benefit from all the people talking trash about them right now. 

We wish the movie and the cast all the best!

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