It Is Dark, Gripping And Makes You Hate And Understand The Villain At The Same Time: Joker Declared The Best Film Of The Year!

Venice Film Festival 2019

Phoenix’s “Joker” has bagged the highest honor at the 76th Venice Film Festival by winning the Golden Lion prize, i.e. the best film of the year! The festival has been running for a few days and has seen some amazing cinema being appreciated and celebrated. What then makes Joker stand out from the lot? 

The DC Villain takes home victory

The DC universe will know that the joker is one of the darkest and most evil villains in its history. This movie, in particular, is like a prequel to Batman and narrates the story of who Arthur Fleck really was before becoming the infamous ‘Joker.’ 

We learn from the film that Fleck was actually a loner who spent most of his time in solitude. An empty mind is a devil’s workshop and so the silence around him got converted into the evilness of his brain. This is how and why Fleck turned out to be who he is today in the DC universe. 

Reviews: It is a dark social horror movie!

You know how some movies are scary because they have some element of the ghosts or the supernatural in them? 

On the other hand, some movies shake us from the inside by how they highlight the psyche of an individual who is being bogged down by society.

The Joker belongs to the latter. It traces the extreme psychological consequences that arise out of a capitalistic society. The movie makes you empathize, sympathize and hate the protagonist- all at once. Maybe this is why this film deserves the honor that it received. 

Catch the Joker on the big screen in less than a month’s time: 

The DC fandom has been eyeing the movie and cannot wait to barge in the theatre and watch it right away. The wait is going to end soon, you guys! Joker releases on 4th October 2019

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