Jason Momoa And Patrick Wilson Team Up For Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom

Black Manta is getting more powerful!

CinemaCon 2022 recently revealed exciting new clips and trailers from various upcoming releases. However, what got us the most pumped is seeing Jason Momoa’s Arthur Curry and Patrick Wilson’s Orm Marius joining forces in the soon-to-be-released Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

A little bit on what to expect from the movie

Back in 2018, which was the year the last Aquaman movie came out, audiences got a glimpse of Orm imprisoned after a showdown with the titular hero. However, tables have turned in the sequel and the two seem to have somehow reconciled and are now working together to stop Black manta.


The villain Black Manta is being played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and has his own ship with one of his crew members being Randall Park’s Dr. Stephen Shin. A few other scenes Jason Momoa’s Arthur and Patrick Wilson’s Orm walking through the woods in the upcoming Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom trailer.

What does Jason Momoa have to say about Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom?

Momoa himself seems to be quite upbeat and excited about this new movie directed by James Wan to hit the theatres. “I have so much invested into it,” he said. “I love this character and what he represents. We wanted to visit all these new different kingdoms and meet all these interesting, new, different characters,” he added.


Director James Wan’s opinions on the villain

Director James Wan has also commented on the development of Black Manta in the new movie. “Black Manta now is at a different level,” he said. “He’s still a human being, but he’s now imbued with this magical, ancient power that ultimately needs Orm’s help to fight this evil that is taking over Black Manta,” he added.


What are the Aquaman movie personnel aiming at?

The producer of the movie also revealed that the team is trying their best to build up on the original story and also include its own surprise elements at the same time. The original Aquaman movie grossed over $1.2 million at the box offices worldwide. Therefore, matching up to the success of the prequel is their utmost priority. They have also dedicated themselves to further build up the world of Aquaman and DC comics in general.


A bit more on the movie

A short synopsis of the movie reveals, “When an ancient power is unleashed, Aquaman must forge an uneasy alliance with an unlikely ally to protect Atlantis, and the world, from irreversible devastation.”

Catch Jason Momoa and Patrick Wilson teaming up to stop Yahya Abdul-Mateen II’s Black Manta in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom on March 17, 2023!

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