Looking Back At The Best Meryl Streep Movies Over The Decade #BirthdaySpecial

Hollywood’s undefeated reigning queen

The list of Meryl Streep movies is long. She’s been featured in close to 72 movies with a record-breaking 21 nominations in the Oscars. On her birthday, here are LEFToye’s top six picks: 

The Devil Wears Prada (2006) 

This iconic Meryl Streep movie takes you into the corporate fashion world and the complexities within. Moreover, it teaches you how to manage work, a happening social life, and personal life. Old ties shouldn’t suffer when new ones are made, right?

Adaptation (2002) 

The debate between books and movies never ends, right? Stuck in a similar web of art, Adaptation is a movie where a screenwriter and author struggle to come to terms with the best way to ‘adapt’ a best seller. Meryl Streep won an Oscar for her role in this film as ‘Susan Orlean.’ 

Sophie’s Choice (1982)

An absolute gold from the trunk of Meryl Streep movies, Sophie’s Choice is set in a post Holocaust era where a Nazi camp survivor is trying to lead a normal life in New York with a schizophrenic husband. The beauty of this movie lies in the fine plotline and Meryl Streep’s marvellous portrayal of Sophie Zawistowski. Critics consider this to be her best performance so far! 

Kramer Vs. Kramer (1979)

The movie is as intriguing and interesting as its title. The story revolves around a mother who is fighting with her former husband to get custody of her adorable child. There’s drama, emotion, romance, and thrill: basically, everything that a good piece of cinema should offer is here! Even though Meryl Streep played the protagonist here, she ended up landing an Oscar for the ‘Best Supporting Role.’ 

The Hours (2002): 

A feminist paradise, ‘The Hours’ is everything that one would want to invest their weekend in. A modern-day adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway, the movie features three women as the leads. They all come from different backgrounds but are ultimately introduced to Woolf’s life-changing ideas.  

The Iron Lady (2011):

This non-fiction movie based on the life of the British leader, Margaret Thatcher, created quite a stir during its release. This was a breakthrough movie for Meryl Streep as it helped her win an Oscar for the ‘Best Actress In A Lead Role’ after years of failed nominations

Hollywood’s undefeated reigning queen, Meryl Streep turns 71 today. While she might be climbing the stairs of age every year, her movies will always keep her young and immortal. 

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