Marry Me Review: A Not-So-Perfect Story Even For Hopeless Romantics


Who hasn’t had a dream of being plucked out from a crowd of billions by their favorite celebrity, who then proceeds to marry them for some silly dramatic reason, and this marriage of circumstance soon turns into love, ending in a happily ever after? Well, that is the fantasy that Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson starrer Marry Me tries to bring to life and drastically fails. 

The story of Marry Me opens up with renowned pop-music superstar, Kat Valdez (Jennifer Lopez) and her pop-star boyfriend, Bastian, about to get married in a live concert in front of billions of audience. The other half of the plot focuses on simple man Charlie (Owen Wilson) who is a divorced single father and a math teacher at a school, desperately trying to bond with his young daughter. On the big day, just when Kat is about to get married, a video of Bastian making out with her assistant goes viral, challenging her perception of what love and loyalty actually mean. 

Unable to control her emotions and in the midst of a breakdown in front of an endless crowd, Kat decides to marry the first random stranger she sets her eyes on, who ends up being a flustered Charlie. After all, she took her time understanding and knowing a person, and yet she ended up getting betrayed. What is the worst that could happen if she married a total stranger? Well, while JLo and Wilson undoubtedly took home fat paychecks, the viewers were subjected to 122 minutes of overly cheesy and cliched romance. 

There are many emotional angles in Marry Me- the betrayal faced by Kat, Charlie’s turbulent life as a single father, his daughter’s own confusion at getting divided between two parents, Kat and Charlie’s unlikely romance. But the writers of the film fail to do justice to any of these plotlines that drag throughout the film while tagging along with the other, equally badly mapped character arcs. And it doesn’t help that Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson, who are renowned for their romantic films, don’t share an ounce of the electric chemistry that is the life source of such fairy tale love stories. 

Marry Me only gets a few brownie points for being the platform of everyone’s biggest dream ever- a big celebrity one has a huge crush on, “discovers” you, and eventually realizes what an amazing person you are. But unfortunately, both JLo and Wilson are best when left to play their respective characters and not pushed to continue throwing visibly forced cloying expressions at each other. 

The film is just another rehash of all the cliches romantic films are famous for but even those who thrive on such mushy stories won’t be able to find any credibility in its storyline. While we are happy to see Jennifer Lopez back on the big screen, she could and should have picked a better comeback project. 

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