Marvel’s Upcoming ‘The Eternals’ Has Angelina Jolie, Kit Harrington, And MCU’s First Openly Gay Character!

Diversity and inclusiveness, we love that!

Since Iron Man (2008), Marvel Studios had created a staggering performance level, from which it has only grown upwards. Be it the MCU’s meticulously selected cast, the memorable storylines, characters that the audience roots for (and cry for, as it will be hard to forget Avengers: Endgame anytime soon) or its recent drive towards bringing in more diversity and inclusiveness. 

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This time, it is their upcoming superhero film The Eternals based on the Marvel comics of the same name which tells the story of a fictional race of humanoids, an offshoot of the evolutionary process responsible for creating sentient life on Earth. Marvel Studios has garnered a pretty impressive ensemble cast for the film to which the first addition was Angelina Jolie, one of Hollywood’s leading actors. 

Angelina Jolie on gearing up for the role

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Jolie is already a part of the Disney House since she played the character of Maleficient in the 2014 film of the same name and is all set to reprise her role in the upcoming Maleficient: Mistress Of Evil. Now, that she is an officially a part of the MCU as she will be playing the part of Thena, an Eternal, (YAY!!), she is preparing for her role by enrolling in martial arts classes her two kids also attend. 

‘I’m the mum that keeps showing up. It’s been fun and going to the gym together is really good…” she said. “Right now for Thena I’m having to do so much training because she’s so positive and healthy. I often feel like it’s not going to work but you’ve got to push yourself.”

That’s some dedication, hah?

But it’s not just Jolie who has some ‘getting ready for the MCU’ in their schedule

While Jolie is getting a headstart on MCU Phase 4 preparations, another actor recently joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe- it is none other Kit Harrington!

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Yep, for those who have been pining after bidding farewell to Jon Snow are in for a treat. Interestingly, he will star as the character Dane Whiteman, also known as the Black Knight- come on! Bring on the black Game Of Thrones jokes!

The Eternals will feature Marvel’s first openly gay character!

But amongst all the celeb-glitter what takes the cake is the fact that Eternals is all set to feature Marvel’s first openly gay character. Richard Madden, who portrayed the character of Robb Stark in Game Of Thrones, will be playing the role of Ikaris. 

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“I think it’s hugely important, just the cast is so diverse. I’m a white male actor and not in the majority of this cast. I’m the minority, which is important in terms of diversity in filmmaking. I think Marvel are really at the forefront of that,” Madden had shared in an interview with ET. 

Announced at San Diogo Comic-Con, 2019, the cast of The Eternals includes Angelina Jolie, Kumail Nanhiani, Gemma Chan, Kit Harrington, Lia Mchugh, Brian Tyree Henry, Salma Hayek, Dong-seok Ma, and Lauren Ridloff. The highly anticipated film is all set to release on November 6, 2020.

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