Megan Fox & Bruce Willis To Kick Ass In Upcoming flick Midnight in The Switchgrass

Her beau Machine Gun Kelly will star as well.

Megan Fox and Bruce Willis are going to star in the upcoming thriller flick, “Midnight in The Switchgrass” and we are totally ready for it.

It may seem like the pairing of the 34-year-old actor Megan Fox and the 66-year-old Hollywood veteran actor Bruce Willis for a gritty crime-drama like “Midnight in The Switchgrass,” is pretty odd, but the official first look of the upcoming film says otherwise.

The fact that both Megan Fox and Bruce Willis are starring as two FBI agents is sure to earn some cool points in the books of many fans who may already be hyped for this Randall Emmett directed crime-drama.

In the official first images of “Midnight in The Switchgrass”, we have got a good look at the getup that Megan Fox and Bruce Willis are going to rock for the film.

In the images, we see a juxtaposition between the two stars, with Megan Fox’s character wearing casual clothes like a varsity jacket and a leather one, while Bruce Willis’ character will wear the more formal and cliched detective clothes.

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What is “Midnight in The Switchgrass” going to be about?

The upcoming gritty drama “Midnight in The Switchgrass” follows Megan Fox and Bruce Willis as two FBI agents, Rebecca Lombardi¬†and Karl Helter, respectively, as the duo is assigned to the investigation of a s**-trafficking ring.

As the two continue with their investigation in Texas, they discover that their case is crossing paths with an infamous murderer known as Truck Stop Killer.  Megan Fox and Bruce Willis’ characters will also take the help of the Texas trooper Byron Crawford, who will be played by Emile Hirsch.

In one of the pictures, we see Emile Hirsch’s character embroiled in an action scene where he is pointing a gun at an unknown character.

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What may also shock you is that Megan Fox’s beau and rapper Machine Gun Kelly is also starring in the film. While we do not know the name of his character, in one of the images, he is wearing a cool thug-ish attire, which is in tune with his real-life aesthetic.

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In the photo, he seems to be intimidating Megan Fox’s character while holding a cigarette in his hand, so we are guessing, he could be a bad guy in “Midnight in The Switchgrass”.

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