Miley Cyrus Is Celebrating The 15th Anniversary Of Hannah Montana

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Did you also grow up watching the duel life of Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana? If the answer is yes, then join in on the 15th-anniversary celebration of the Disney show. The showrunner Miley Cyrus is celebrating the premiere of the show with some nostalgic memories. The pop star penned a letter to her character on Wednesday and posted it on her social media. The show ran on Disney Channel from 2006 to 2011 and even made it to a movie in 2009, Hannah Montana: The Movie.

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Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Receives A Gift

On the 15th anniversary, Miley Cyrus also remembered Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner in the Hannah Montana celebration. On Wednesday, the duo posted a picture of a giant floral arrangement in the shape of a star coloured as the logo of the show along with the show’s title at the top. This grand gesture was a gift from Miley Cyrus to Jonas. She also attached a note to it and wrote, “To Joe & Sophie! It was so sweet of you to name your daughter after me! Sending all my love to little miss Hannah Montana! Love, Hannah Montana.”

The couple also wrote back and posted, “HOLY HANNAH MONTANA!!! THANK YOU @mileycyrus WE LOVE IT! THIS IS EPIC!!” on Joe’s story. In the background, Hannah Montana’s theme song “Best of Both Worlds” was also playing. Wife, Sophie Turner also thanked Miley by writing, “THANK U HANNAH WE 💜 U.”

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Well, it is known that Joe Jonas and his brothers were also part of the teen Disney era. The group had been a huge fan of the show and had even appeared on Hannah Montana for cameos. Nick Jonas has also dated the popstar back in the day. But the real fan following comes from Sophie Turner who absolutely loves the show.

The actress even got a gift from Joe Jonas which consisted of a shirt featuring the singer from designer Jalonisdead. It consisted of an image of Hannah Montana pointing next to photos of her real-life counterpart, Miley Cyrus. “Thanks to the hubbs of the year for my early Xmas gift,” Turner shared the message on her story.

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Miley Cyrus penned a letter to Hannah Montana

Miley Cyrus also wrote a letter to Hannah Montana and shared the message, “Hi Hannah, It’s been a while. 15 years to be exact. Since the first time I slid those blonde bangs over my forehead in the best attempt to conceal my identity. Then slipped into a puke pink terry cloth robe with a bedazzled HM over the [heart]. I didn’t know then…that is where you would live forever,” Cyrus wrote in the note, shared on Twitter and Instagram.

“Not just in mine but millions of people around the world. Although you are considered to be an “alter ego” in reality there was a time in my life when you held more of my identity in your glovette than I did in my bare hands.

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