Patty Jenkins Shares The Similarity Cleopatra And Her Wonder Woman Films Have

What could it be?

Long before Wonder Woman 3 graces our theatres (hopefully), we will get to see Gal Gadot and director Patty Jenkins get together for another ambitious project- Cleopatra. On the surface, both films are poles apart- while one is the story of an Amazonian warrior, the other is the enigmatic story of the last active ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt. But if you ask Jenkins Cleopatra and Wonder Woman have one common denominator, apart from sharing the same director and the leading lady. 

Of all the countless attempts made to get her immortal story to the silver screen, it’s perhaps the 1963 film, starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton that managed to correctly portray the mystical magic of the character. To date, many attempts have been made by noted filmmakers to make a Cleopatra film but to no avail. Even this upcoming feature is thanks to the efforts of Gadot who developed it herself and got Shutter Island screenwriter Laeta Kalogridis on board to pen a fitting screenplay.

And now Jenkins is onboard the prestigious project! In a recent chat with Collider, she shared that not only is her rendition of the character going to be very different from how it has been depicted in the past, but also there will be similarities between Cleopatra and Wonder Woman. 

“I think I actually have a history of looking at complicated characters… in Monster, who you could tell the story and then, and then, and then. But the truth is when you get into that person’s point of view, it becomes an interesting story in a different way. And hopefully, I did that with Wonder Woman as well.”

“So applying that same approach to one of the most famous women in history, Cleopatra, the truth is, the only story that we know of her was told by the Romans who killed her and hated her. And so once we really start looking at what does exist elsewhere about Cleopatra, you see a pretty bad-ass, incredible leader. One of the great leaders in Egypt.”

– Patty Jenkins

While Jenkins has been on the receiving end of massive criticisms for her latest feature Wonder Woman 1984, it doesn’t erase the fact that her 2017’s Wonder Woman is the most successful DC film to date. Thus barring the pitfalls of WW1984, we can safely assume that Cleopatra is going to be another box office hit. In fact, Jenkins has begun working on the film and is already emotionally connected to the story. 

“So once we really got down into the nitty gritty details, there’s a pretty incredible story there that is the same story but you understand totally differently if you change things just a little bit where you’re seeing it from. So I just think it’s a story that she deserves to have told one day beautifully. Gal has been developing this for a while and when she brought it to me, I was so excited by what it could possibly be. And I think she’d be an amazing Cleopatra,” she further added. 

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