Reminiscence Trailer Sees Hugh Jackman In A Post-Apocalyptic World

Nolan fans will like this one.

The Reminiscence trailer has given its first look at Hugh Jackman and Rebecca Ferguson in a gritty post-apocalyptic world and it is full of Christopher Nolan vibes.

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Hugh Jackman is back on big screen from a long break of making funny ads for his coffee company and the 52-year-old now stars in the sci-fi/thriller “Reminiscence”, which comes from the co-creators of the Emmy-award-winning show, “Westworld.”

The trailer for Reminiscence, which came out yesterday, has filled almost anyone who watched it with questions due to it’s perplexing concepts.

What is the plot of the Hugh Jackman starrer Reminiscence?

The upcoming sci-fi/thriller Reminiscence is set in a dystopian yet realistic version of Miami city in which sea levels have risen to such levels that the water has to be held back by a wall. The temperatures during the day are so high that people have adapted to follow a nocturnal lifestyle.

If this wasn’t enough, people have turned to looking back in time to their old memories via the help of military technology.

“When the waters began to rise, and war broke out, nostalgia became a way of life,” says Hugh’s character in the trailer. “There wasn’t a lot to look forward to. So people began looking back. Nothing is more addictive than the past.”

Hugh Jackman’s character Nick Bannister, who is a private investigator, provides this technology to his curious clients who want to look back at their vague memories with complete vividness.

Things take a turn in Nick’s life when he meets Rebecca Ferguson’s character of Mae, who comes to him as a client but the two end up falling in love.

Unfortunately for Nick Bannister, she disappears, forcing the protagonist on a journey into her memories to discover her true nature.

Many people have drawn similarities between Reminiscence and the works of the iconic mind-bending director Christopher Nolan, but the influence becomes more clear when you realize that the director and creator of “Westworld”,Lisa Joy, is actually Nolan’s sister-in-law.

She revealed in an interview that she got the idea for the film after the unfortunate passing of her Grandfather.

The director found one of his old photographs in the personal belongings, that was, of an anonymous woman who was never mentioned by her late grandfather, this sparked her curiosity.

“It made me start thinking about memory and our lives in general and the moments that pass by and disappear … that meant something, that changed us,” revealed Joy. “And how nice it would be to be able to go back to those memories, fully, for a moment. To live that life and feel the way he felt when you experienced them.”

Check out the trailer for the Hugh Jackman starrer “Reminiscence” below-

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