Robert Pattinson’s Batman Resumes Filming; Zoe Kravits And Colin Farrel Also Spotted

Pattinson Can Not Look More Bruce Wayne Than This.

Robert Pattinson is back on the set of the Batman as he was spotted by multiple fans in his Bruce Wayne charm attending a collective funeral, which was briefly seen in the teaser trailer.

While Matt Reeves’ The Batman has become prey to a long delay, as the movie is now set to release in March 2022 which comes 5 months after the initial release date of October 2021, the shooting for the awaited DC flick is on, as yesterday a funeral scene was shot at St. George’s Hall in Liverpool and all most all the main characters of The batman were present including Robert Pattinson who has returned to shooting the film since he was tested positive for COVID-19 in September.

So Far Robert Pattinson has been ticking all the boxes of the character of Batman’s secret identity- the charming Billionaire, Bruce Wayne. Rob was completely in the role as he was filmed arriving at the funeral in a shiny black Corvette Stingray, wearing black formals for the funeral and making some sort of a public statement as he was surrounded by on-screen news reporters.

Upon careful inspection, Pattinson also had a bruise under left eye, which can only be assumed to be a wound from his night vigilante adventures as Batman.

He then later joined his co-stars- Colin Farrel, Zoe Kravitz, and John Turturro. Playing the role of the iconic villain known as the Penguin/ Oswald Cobblepot, Colin Farrel looked completely unrecognizable to the point most fans could not recognize him when his look was teased in the trailer. Colin is wearing facial prosthetics including two scars, a bird-like nose, which along with that receding hairline, gives him all the more fierce look as Gotham’s Kingpin.

Zoe Kravitz plays the role of the stealthy burglar called Catwoman, hiding her true identity of Selina Kyle. She was spotted wearing a black leather overcoat and a funeral hat, probably under-cover. Zoe Kravitz was doing a scene holding the arm of John Turturro, who plays the mob-boss called Carmine Falcone.

The said funeral is for a character being played by Rupert Penry-Jones which was confirmed in a set photo and in the teaser, where we saw how the funeral will play out to be hijacked.

Fans have speculated that the public funeral scene is for Don Mitchell, who was the Riddler’s victim from the trailer with his face taped off. Rumours have hinted that he was Gotham’s mayor who dies soon after winning his third term as the Mayor. Are Colin Farrel and John Turturro part of Riddler’s conspiracy? we’ll have to see the movie for that.

While the funeral scene was being shot, another scene was shot where fans spotted Gotham’s vengeance, Batman. It is presumed that the man inside the suit is a stunt double and not Robert Pattinson since he was busy filming the funeral scene. Batman was seen getting ready to shoot a scene on his bike, which can only be for an adrenaline-fueled bike chase.

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