Sequel To 2019’s “Joker” To Star Either Bradley Cooper Or Ryan Gosling As The Dark Knight

Who do you think should star as the saviour of Gotham?

For years, decades to be precise, Warner Bros. had tried to imitate the arc of Marvel studios with their DC comics’ superheroes. It is only after their smashing failures, apart from some exceptions (read: Wonder Woman and Aquaman”), has the production house is finally correcting its course, what with their “Joker” crossing the $1 billion mark worldwide. So, its only natural for there to be a sequel of the film and the talk of roping in actors like Ryan Gosling and Bradley Copper as the caped crusader of Gotham city.

Yep, you read that right. As per a recent report, Warner Bros.’ is pretty serious about making a sequel whose story arc will be set years apart from the timeline of Arthur Fleck’s “Joker”. And this means that the audience will be getting a brand new Batman. 

We would like to tell our reader to not confuse this Jokerverse’s Batman with Matt Reeves upcoming “The Batman” in 2021, wherein Robert Pattinson will be seen as the brooding Dark Knight. 

For the character of Batman in Joker’s sequel, actor Bradley Cooper was the name who was being considered in the early stages of the film’s ideation. And now, the studio is apparently interested in Ryan Gosling to play the part of the adult Bruce Wayne in Joker 2 or 3. And as for the doubts around their being a Batman in the sequels, as 2019’s “Joker” ended with Bruce Wayne’s parents being murdered in cold blood, one can rest assured that the origin story of Batman is being followed and thus his appearance in the Jokerverse is inevitable. 

So, we last saw young Bruce, played by Dante Pereira-Olson, left an orphan after his parents’ sudden demise. The question now is how Ryan Gosling, or whoever else is cast in the character of the millionnaire superhero, will be presented as he and Joaquin Phoenix are almost the same age. “Joker” had a 10-year-old Bruce Wayne conversing with a much-older Arthur Fleck (Phoenix). 

Well, this discrepancy is up to Warner Bros. to either rectify or not pay attention to, because if truth is to be when Ryan Gosling’s charming presence will be coupled with intense and magnetic performance of Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker, we don’t we will be much bothered by who has more grey hair, will we?

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