Spider-Man: No Way Home: Finally A Marvel Serving Worth Obsessing Over

One of the best Marvel movies ever!

There was once a time when Marvel Studios was famous for keeping a tight leash on its secrets. But after watching Spider-Man: No Way Home, it is obvious that they couldn’t have failed more drastically. Anyone who has been unfortunate enough to be exposed to the trillion leaks about the film’s plot before its release knew all its details and twists. So, logically, there shouldn’t have been anything even remotely surprising about Spider-Man 3, right? But the Tom Holland starrer instead ends up being one scrumptious treat. To tell you the truth, we have already booked our tickets to binge it for the second time!

Spider-Man: No Way Home picks up exactly where the post-credits scene of Spider-Man: Far Away From left us- the whole world discovering that Peter Parker is Spider-Man thanks to a scheming Mysterio who exposed his nemesis before dying. The people are divided in their views against him- some still regard him as a hero who helped in beating Thanos while there are those who see him as an unruly vigilante in dire need of being disciplined. Initially, Peter plans to battle this new, unwanted development in his life with a brave face but when it starts affecting the lives of those he holds dear, he decides to approach Doctor Strange to erase the entire world’s memory of knowing that he is Spidey. 

As we know, the spell is botched, ripping a hole in the fabric of reality and thus allowing villains from alternate realities to hop into MCU’s Earth. This leaves Peter to round up the baddies so they can be sent back to their universes. But nothing is ever an easy feat in the Marvel world and everything only gets worse as Peter is caught in a web of rectifying his mistakes while risking losing everything he has. That’s all we will divulge about the plot for the sake of those who luckily managed to dodge all the spoilers about Spider-Man: No Way Home. 

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But what we can do say is that when director Joe Russo recently said that Tom Holland is now the “soul” of the Marvel Universe, he truly meant it. When we sat down to watch Spider-Man 3 and the lights dimmed, we silently challenged Sony Pictures and Marvel to “go ahead and try to surprise me, why don’t you!” (a direct quote from a colleague). But after 10 minutes into the film, we were busy hooting throughout its remaining 2 hours 20 minutes long duration. Right from the supreme cast performances, the impressive visual effects, the small twists (one is particularly a tear-jerker) to even the expected surprises, the film packs a solid punch. 

But there is one annoying aspect about Spider-Man: No Way Home- it continues to represent Peter Parker as a naive teenager who has no idea how to make intelligent decisions. Throughout all the Spider-Man films (starring Tom Holland), Peter is shown as someone who prefers to have a kind heart that believes in people and chooses to give them second chances, no matter the consequences. Now, that’s an admirable trait…until it gets irritatingly stupid. As superheroes like Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, etc also managed to be righteous while making sensible choices, it is hard to watch Peter waiting to personally get a taste of bitter betrayal before he recognizes who deserves another chance and that he needs to stop dropping his guard for every stranger that comes his way. 

While the majority of the story, power-packed performances, and of course the numerous fan service aspects of the plot save Spider-Man 3, it is indeed getting exasperating and a lot less fun to see Peter repeatedly making poor decisions and having others clean up his mess. Hopefully, judging by the conclusion of the film, Peter is finally ready to crawl out from under the shadow of Iron Man, Doctor Strange, etc, and be a true superhero.

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