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Taapsee And Bhumi Starrer ‘Saandh Ki Aankh’ Sparks An Ageism Debate

It is not a slapstick comedy

We bet you’ve chuckled a bit hearing the name of this movie ” Saandh Ki Aankh” and are super intrigued to know what the movie is about. Well, here is surprise number one: it is not a slapstick comedy about random people doing random things. It is an inspiring story of two Haryanvi sisters who took the world by the horns and showed everyone what they are made of! 

Based on a real life story: 

Yes, the two ladies you see in the trailer of Saandh Ki Aankh are not just fictional characters, they in fact are two legends from Haryana. Chandro Tomar and Parakshi Tomar were two shooter women who had proved that age is only a number by becoming ace shooters in old age. 

Watch the trailer here: 

Are they too young to play these roles?  

Both the leading actresses Bhumi and Taapsee are playing roles of characters that are almost double their age. Some fans did not take this well and expressed how they wish older and more mature actresses were featured in the movie instead of them. 

Nina Gupta added fuel to this fire by saying, “Yes, I was thinking about it, at least get us the role of our age brother.’  Taapsee’s reply to this is fire to say the least: 

Was this really unfair? 

Well, Bollywood is finally becoming more accepting of older women getting roles and maintaining a career even after crossing their forties. Surekha Sikri, Ratna Pathak Shah, Seema Pahwa, Supriya Pilgaonkar, Shabana Azmi and Dimple Kapadia are some names that come to our minds instantly when we say this. 

So, is it true that this move of having super young actresses taking up these roles instead of the oldies is going to ruin the scope of movies for the latter? Should the Saandh Ki Aankh have instead casted the older generation? Or are you of the opinion that nothing should come in between talent, not even age? 

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