The Devil All The Time Actor Tom Holland Went To ‘Very Dark’ Places Mentally To Play His Character

But something tells us he is going to be amazing!

Today Tom Holland is a phenomenon, a name that the world knows thanks to Marvel swooping in to save the sinking Spider-man movies by Sony and casting the young actor as the webbed superhero. But even though the 24-year-old is well on his way to be Hollywood’s big star, he is yet to play a serious role that demands him to shed his charming ways and delve into the psyche of a complex character. But it is all going to be rectified in Netflix’s upcoming The Devil All The Time. 

The upcoming film features an ensemble cast Robert Pattinson, Sebastian Stan, Riley Keough, and Bill Skarsgård, but the prime protagonist is Tom Holland. 

Due to release this week on 16th September, The Devil All The Time will feature Tom Holland as a troubled young man Arvin, the son of a WW2 veteran who has grown up living his father’s trauma while battling his own tragic life experiences. He seeks morality but the corrupt times he lives in makes it a tough task. 

“I’ve got to say I was really nervous and scared coming on set for the first time because I didn’t know if I had it in me to play this type of character. He is a really complicated character and it is very dark, and I had to go to places mentally that I didn’t know I could go to or don’t think I ever want to go to again,” Holland said

Though Arvin is the hero of the film, his idea of morality has been warped enough that killing someone fits right into it. When Holland took up The Devil All The Time, he knew Arvin was drastically different from all the characters he has played in the past and the only way to do justice to the character was to trust director Antonio Campos’ direction.

But while Tom Holland found it difficult to play the character…

…Campos has been immensely impressed by how the actor “understands Arvin” in The Devil All The Time

“He [Holland] talked about how it’s a new type of role for him, but I didn’t do anything in terms of getting him ready. There were no bad habits that we had to break. He is an amazing actor. I think he is one of the most, if not the most talented person in his generation,” Campos shared with Inverse

“The thing with Tom is, he’s very hard-working, he’s very serious, and he’s very committed. He also has an amazing sense of humor and a very kind warm soul. He’s a very soulful guy. And so, I felt like, this guy understands Arvin. He sees who this kid is and he wants to go where he needs to go to do this character justice. He also just has an inherent goodness to him that, when you combine it with the awful things that Arvin does, makes him a more accessible character,” he added. 

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