The Princess Switch: Switched Again: Netflix Desperately NEEDS To Hang Up Its Hallmark-ish Hat

No more, please!

When Netflix released The Princess Switch back in 2018, with a double dose of Vanessa Hudgens exaggerating her characters, it was accepted as an experiment, The streaming platform was just trying to add its zing to the trusted Hallmark movies’ formula where there is always either Thanksgiving or Christmas, two people in love and them being apart for the most illogical reasons. Still, Hallmark films carry a certain charm that works as an excuse for the repeated storyline. But when it comes to Netflix trying to pass off an already cliched storyline with a new cover in The Princess Switch : Switched Again, it is hard to gulp down the 2-hour long snooze fest without constantly pressing the forward key. 

Continuing its trend of holiday movies, Netflix instead of creating some other cheesy flick stuck its hand down its own stock and decided that somehow, The Princess Switch needs a second installment and the two Vanessa Hudgens will be amazing with a third joining in. Like the first film, The Princess Switch: Switched Again is directed by Mike Rohl and written by Robin Bernheim Burger and Megan Metzzer and once again it’s just a hold lot of sugary mush sold as a plausible story. 

In The Princess Switch we saw that after a bizarre yet painfully predictable turn of events, Stacy (Vanessa Hudgens) gets together with Prince Edward of Belgravia (Sam Palladio) while Lady Margaret finds love in Stacy’s bestie Kevin (Nick Sagar). Picking two years after the events of the first film, The Princess Switch 2 sees Stacy, the former baker-now princess happily marired to Prince Edward but trying too hard to be a good princess and her dear hubby being a “helicopter husband.” Margaret, on the other hand, is on her way to become Queen– a development that proved to be a deal breker in her relationship with Kevin and the reason for their breakup. 

With the coronation inching closer, Stacy decides to make a one last ditched attempt to unite the lover but there is someone else vying for Margaret’s attention, a new suitor and not so surprisingly decide to switch again. But as the title of the film suggests, there is a not-so-new palyer in town, Margaret’s cousin, Fiona (again Vanessa Hudgens) who looks exactly like Margaret (apart from her horrible blond wig and another annoying accent) despite being her cousin though weirdly no one points it out up until the shady character pulls a classic Margaret-Stacy– she switches with Stacy, thnking her to be Margaret in a bid to claim the throne and the money which comes with it.

Sounds confusing? Trust us, there isn’t even a smidge of a plot in The Princess Switch 2 that will require you to turn your brain cogs. 

There are other actors in the film, who try their best to alleviate the script with their barely-there screentime. But it’s one thing to overlook the cliched romantic plot in Hallmark films and lose yourself in its positively giddy vibes and a whole different thing to endure a franchise that is busy adding more of Vanessa Hudgens and her weird accents to an already tiringly predictable plot.

But the fact that the lure of the real world isn’t really rising up to be its worthy contender and streamers have been busy dolling films and series too closely resembling the pandemic (Netflix’s Away and Amazon Prime Utopia), makes The Prince Switch: Switched Again’s botched premise almost a welcome respite from reality. But it does nothing to deviate it from the fact that it is a better watch if you are busy folding laundry while it runs in the background. 

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