The Suicide Squad’s Daniela Melchior On ‘How Powerful’ Ratcatcher Is

Controlling rats is now on our list of cool superpowers!

From the very beginning, The Suicide Squad is a big maze of unexpected twists, whether it is the sudden deaths (or survivals), how someone ends up being a villain while someone who really seemed like a through and through villain turned out to be a bit mellow. But the biggest surprise of the James Gunn wonder is undoubtedly Ratcatcher II, played by Daniela Melchior, whether it was her power to control rats or the surprising conclusion that the character received. 

(Spoilers ahead from The Suicide Squad. Only proceed if you have binged the film on HBO Max or in theaters already)

Recently, during a chat with Collider, Daniela Melchior talked about playing Ratcatcher II on-screen and being the surprising character who ends up being the savior of the day. When The Suicide Squad introduces Ratcatcher II, it is hard to imagine her ever doing anything other than being one of the characters who everyone expected to die before the film even reached half-time. But as the film progresses, it is hard to not fall in love with Melchior’s character, such that when Idris Elba’s Bloodsport emotionally promises that he will get her out alive we silently pray that he holds on to his oath. 

Even then it wasn’t anyone’s first guess that Daniel Melchior’s character would save anything in The Suicide Squad, forget playing any part in annihilating Starro the Conqueror. After all, she has what everyone thought to be the least alluring superpower of all i.e., the power to control rats. But by the end, she proved that one can possess any power but it is the individual’s will that matters. While the superheroes (villains?) dive back and forth to get an opening, Ratcatcher summons a tsunami of rats to attack Starro who is soon overwhelmed, which allows Harley Quinn to attack him in his giant eye with a javelin. As Melchior revealed, even Ratcatcher II i.e., Cleo had no idea that she was that powerful.

“I would say that Ratcatcher II doesn’t have a clue about how powerful she is, and it was something that came from her core. Of course, Harley saves the day too, but she didn’t have a clue that she would be surviving, she would be the one with this tsunami of rats that could save the day or help Harley to save the day. So it was something that I never thought about it with that point of view, neither Ratcatcher II,” shared Daniela Melchior about her character’s actions in the closing minutes of The Suicide Squad. 

When it comes to superhero films, the part the special effects play is almost as important as the characters. Whether it is the insane costumes, the surroundings, or big bad villains like Starro, CGI is a significant part of such films. But Daniela Melchior has revealed that the rat army Ratcatcher II was controlling in The Suicide Squad was not all CGI. 

“All the tsunami of rats that we see in the movie, it’s CGI. But every time I could, I had one rat with me so sometimes I have the real rat in my hands or on my shoulder, but every time the rat would wave and do some particular stuff, it would be CGI,” Daniel Melchior explained.

The Suicide Squad is currently running in theaters and is available on HBO Max.

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