The Twilight Saga Is On Netflix Now And Fans Can’t Contain Their Excitement

It’s here to win hearts again!

Fans are freaking, The infamous movie series Twilight Saga is airing on Netflix now

One of the most famous franchises for over a decade, The Twilight Saga is finally on Netflix now. The series which consists of 6 movies in total is one of the biggest hits of all time and the people are just too excited to watch them all over again on Netflix. It all started back in 2008 with the first installment ‘Twilight’ starring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. It was a perfect fictional story within a mind-blowing cast and a huge fan base, however with time passing by, the franchise’s popularity decreased like any other popular franchise. But now it’s back and the fans cannot be happier and more excited.

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Twilight is an adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s fictional novel series of the same name.

The story revolves around a 17-year-old girl, Bella Swan (Kristen), who moved to a rainy town named Forks, to live with her dad. As she starts her new life there, she finds herself attracted to a mysterious guy at the school, Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson). However, she later realizes that Edward and the whole Cullen family are actually vampires. As they continue with their romance and life, Bella’s friend Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) also falls in love with her which obviously complicates things. The rest of the story shows how Bella and Edward fight various battles to stay with each other.

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The Twilight Saga has jumped between various platforms, but now it’s on Netflix, all 6 of them. It is exciting for people, who never moved on from the beautiful Forks, to revisit their childhood days, and well, their childhood crush, Bella, Edward, and Jacob.

Each fan has their own favorite moment from the franchise and they are posting plenty of memes since the announcement of its return. A user tweeted, “Now that twilight is on Netflix don’t talk to me Lmaoo, ” while another one reminded her fellow mates about the boy teams they used to onsses about back then, “the fact that team Edward & team Jacob was even a thing didn’t even make sense…like Jacob didn’t have a chance in hell..Bella was throwing herself off cliffs cause Edward left…like?!!?”

This does not stop here, many people even wrote about some very famous dialogues and scenes from the movie.

“NO MEASURE OF TIME WITH YOU WILL BE LONG ENOUGH, BUT LET’S START WITH FOREVER #TwilightOnNetflix,” a user wrote. “That scene where Bella is laying in the woods distraught after Edward dumped her… felt that in my soul #TwilightOnNetflix,” another one said.

While Twitter is obsessing over Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, the author, Stephenie Meyer, has shared a blog written by her back in 2007, which mentions that Kristen and Robert were not her first choice for the movie adaptation of her book series.

The blog reads, “My opinions on the movie matter to no one. I have no influence on what goes on with the movie at all. No one is going to ask who I think should star in Twilight. Right now my favorite choice is Emily Browning, of Lemony Snicket’s fame (for Bella). The only actor I’ve ever seen who I think could come close to pulling off Edward Cullen is Henry Cavill,” she added.” I didn’t find an actress that looked like Rosalie to me, but I did find a model…Joanna Krupa. And hey, don’t all models want to be actresses?” she further said.

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