Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible 7 Filming Halted Again

The crew has ‘refused to work any longer’

Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible 7 filming has hit another roadblock after the crew has reportedly refused to work on the set any longer.

The cast and crew of Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible 7 had flown to Middle East to shoot the latest set of scenes from the highly anticipated action movie.

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The Sun has now reported that the director had to scrap the filming of the seventh instalment of Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible due to unhappy production staff. The crew members of the popular franchise had requested to be flown back to the UK this weekend before hotel quarantine rules come into effect starting Monday.

Having no other choice, the heads had to charter a private jet to bring the crew back home before the new restrictions came to place.

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“The whole production has hit yet another issue and there have been revolts among cast and crew”, an insider told the publication reported.

“For quite a few of them, the prospect of having to quarantine in a hotel back in the UK is a step too far and they’ve demanded to be flown home before the rules change. The studio has had to fund a jet back and the missing cast and crew will inevitably cause another delay.”

“It was hoped that filming in the UAE would provide some flexibility but that changed when the UK shut its borders. Morale is really down and many of the younger staff who aren’t earning the big bucks just don’t feel it’s worth it any more.”

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Earlier, Tom Cruise was reported to have a heated rant on sets after he found some of the members of the crew had broken the Covid-19 social distancing protocols. In a series of rants that followed on Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible sets, about five people walked out and now there are fears more staffers could lose their patience.

Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible 7 went into production in February, last year, just before the entire world was put on lockdown. It was now scheduled to be released on November 19, already postponed by four months from its initial release date.

Given the circumstances, the release date for Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible is already looking tight.

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