Top 25 Disney Plus Movies That You Can’t-Miss: A Marathon Checklist

We got you covered!

Disney Plus is finally streaming online, opening a whole gateway of binging for us. Here are our top 25 movie picks from the platform: 


If you are a science fiction fan, you have probably already heard of this film. Here, we see a human transform himself into an ‘avatar’ that is on a mission, trying to make a place for himself at Pandora. The movie teaches us a lot about how science and human psychology are linked. 

10 Things I Hate About You 

Based on Shakespeare’s Taming Of The Shoe, this movie on Disney Plus revolves around a college couple and how tables turn when the bad boy and the anti-social good girl begin to fall in love. 


What happens when a sweet young boy accidentally enters the magical afterlife world? Coco is an exploration of that from the innocent eyes of a kid who takes us back to our own childhood. You’re in for a visual and musical treat for this one! Thank you, Disney Plus!

A Goofy Movie 

As the name suggests, A Goofy Movie is a light-hearted feel-good movie where a father is trying to get accepted and involved in his teenage son’s life. Hits home, right? 

Guardians Of The Galaxy 

It’s a classic Marvel movie: Super-heroes unite to save the world from a common enemy Ronan. The movie was released in 2014 but still is one of the most trending movies of the decade. 

Free Solo 

If you are looking to watch something that gives your adrenaline a major kick, Free Solo is definitely the one for you! Tracing one of the most difficult peaks in the world, climber Alex Honnold’s journeys uphill in this one.  

Big Hero 6

One small boy avenging his brother’s death with science towards his favor: a simple and basic plot? There’s more to it. Big Hero 6 is an animated movie that sets itself apart by making the thriller look extremely pumping and deep.

Avengers: Endgame 

The avengers’ clan needs no introduction. Even the non- Marvel fans have heard of this powerpack and their war against Thanos. In this final edition of the series, they leave no stones unturned to stop that evil spirit from getting the last infinity stone. An absolute nail biter!

Iron Man 

If you are someone who is planning to use this quarantine period to become a part of the Marvel fan club and begin the movie marathon, Iron Man comes first in line. Here we see Robert Downey Jr bring Iron Man to life for the first time. 

Miracle On The 34th street 

Christmas movies should get a genre of their own, don’t you think? If that were to happen, this Disney Plus movie would become one of the classics. Winning three Oscars, Miracle On The 34th Street has shown what a heartwarming Christmas movie it is. 

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Jack Sparrow and his adventures at the sea are barely unknown to any. One of the most famous movies in the franchise, the curse of the black pearl makes for an exhilarating watch! 

The Sandlot 

Moving to a new place with a family that seems distant is not easy. This film chronicles the journey of a youngster figuring his way out of this situation, rekindling with family and making new friends. 

Queen Of Katwe 

‘Woman Candidate Master’ a title that turns around the life of a chess prodigy named Phiona becomes the central hook of this movie. There is a ton of laughter, feminism, innocence and a good dose of inspiration hidden here!

The Midnight Before Christmas

This film is famous for dividing its audience: some call it a Christmas film, while others consider it to be a horror one. Either way, it is a cinematic masterpiece; go give it a watch! 

The Muppet Movie 

The Muppets are a childhood cult that every kid in the West has grown up watching. In this one, the Muppets take a tour to the dreamy Hollywood land. 

Star Wars: A New Hope 

We see the epic character of Princess Leia appear in Star Wars for the first time in its fourth episode, i.e. A New Hope. If this isn’t enough motivation to watch it, then what is? 

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Another movie from the same franchise, The Last Jedi is the eighth episode in the series and we see a couple of new faces become a part of the Star War family. Who? Tune in to Disney Plus and watch to find out!

Toy Story 

Look closely at the toys in the room, because when you don’t, they often come to life! As goofy as the plotline sounds, the Toy Story brings a naïve smile to our face taking us into the lively world of toys. 

Who Framed Roger Rabbit 

We’ve given you a lot of animated character movies and we’ve given you a lot of human actor movies. Take this movie on Disney Plus, it has a mix of both along with being one of the most famous crime noir films to be ever made. 


Some movies make us introspect about life on levels that we cannot imagine, right? Willow is one of them. A farmer, an orphaned baby, and a magical land: sounds like an interesting combination, isn’t it?


A 1982 movie that was ahead of its time, Tron explores the struggles of a tech-savvy boy who accidentally finds himself inside his computer.  


The one that you and your family can enjoy on Disney Plus, Zootopia makes for a unique animated movie experience that offers something that is more than just entertainment. It gives you food for thought too! 

Thor: Ragnarok

When the home is under attack and our hero Thor is stuck at the other side of the world without his hammer, what must he do to rush and save the world? Watch his adventures as he emerges as a warrior yet again!


Tune into the life of a young girl who is being trained to become the next head of Polynesian village. The animation, voice-over, scripting, everything is a 10/10.

Inside Out 

Ah, let’s accept it, we live in stressful and overwhelming times where cinema must, at times, become a relaxing escape for us. Inside Out fits this description, offering us a peephole view of a youngster is who is struggling while adulting. 

So, which Disney Plus movie are you starting with tonight? 

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