What’s Up, Toronto Film Festival? All You Need To Know About One Of The Biggest International Film Festivals!

Time to get the Leftoyefam updated with all the happenings of the TIFF!

Very recently, we saw the Venice Film Festival coming to a wrap, after celebrating some of the finest films for the year. The celebration is now being taken a notch higher with the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).

Time to get the Leftoyefam updated with all the happenings of the TIFF! 

What are the two best movie takeaways from the TIFF? 

For all you guys who are hungry for good cinema and always keep an eye out for good movie recommendations, we have picked out the best options coming straight from the TIFF:


Coming from the DC Superhero series, ‘Joker’ explores the other side of a villain. It shows us what went into the making of joker, the world-famous villain. His journey from being a lonely and secluded guy to being a sociopath.

It has also won the best film of the year at the Venice Film Festival and is being appreciated heavily at the TIFF as well. 

Pain and Glory 

A story about an English director whose life takes a 360-degree turn after the re-release of his movie, Pain and Glory pairs humor and human psychology very gracefully. Banderas, the protagonist goes all out to battle his thoughts and emotions, be it reconnecting with an old lover or trying heroin to numb the pain. 

His journey explores the limits of what an individual can do when he sees his life crumbling down in front of him. 

Which Indian film has got the chance to premiere at the TIFF? 

Our desi girl, Priyanka Chopra and the entire star cast of The Sky Is Pink’ is currently at the Toronto International Film Festival for the premiere of this film. It is one of those very few Indian movies to have gotten a chance to be at this festival, and Bollywood fans absolutely cannot keep calm. 

Why is the TIFF at odds with Netflix and Amazon Prime?

While this festival is truly like one big carnival where actors, filmmakers, journalists, and marketers are coming together to discuss future opportunities, raise issues that matter, and appreciate the best films for the year, but not all is well and good. 

In recent news, one of the venues at the TIFF has clearly refused to screen films coming from Netflix and Amazon Prime. The festival organizers made a statement in this light, “This year, new restrictions were put in place on our use of their Scotiabank Theatres during the festival. As a result, TIFF scheduled films that do not comply with their traditional theatrical windows in other venues.” 

What’s next? 

The TIFF is seen as a precursor to the Oscars every year where the festival’s critical appreciation of movies hits close to that of the Oscars. 

Which movie do you think will win/should win the best film of the year award at Oscars? Tell us below!

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