Why Was Brie Larson’s ‘Black Sheep’ Cover Never Released Officially?

A cover’s on the way!

Brie Larson‘s cover of “Black Sheep” was never released officially on the Scott Pilgrim vs The World soundtrack, here’s why.

The cult-classic film Scott Pilgrim vs The World celebrated its 10 year anniversary with a special reissue of the soundtrack. In the movie, Brie Larson plays the character of the foxy and aggressive Envy Adams, Scott Pilgrim’s ex-girlfriend.

Edgar Wright’s adaptation of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s comic book series featured a segment of the movie where Brie Larson covered Canadian rock band Metric’s “Black Sheep”. The song was loved by fans alike, but quite surprisingly could not be found on ANY Scott Pilgrim vs The World soundtrack.

Over the past ten years, fans have been curious about the absence of Brie Larson’s cover of “Black Sheep” from the movie’s soundtrack.

In a recent talk with Cinemablend, the movie’s director Edgar Wright would explain why it is so-

“It’s an easy answer. It’s because, initially, when we did the soundtrack, Metric wanted to have their version on the soundtrack. And because it’s their song, it was absolutely fair. It was gonna be on a soundtrack, and they asked, ‘We would prefer that our version was on the soundtrack.’”

“So it was as simple as that. I wasn’t going to contest that, and it was only fair to Emily Haines, who wrote the song, that she should have her version on the soundtrack. And it’s, you know, her version is great too.”

Because of the requests of fans and many music enthusiasts alike, Scott Pilgrim vs The World’s soundtrack is getting a special reissue from Abkco in order to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the cult-classic movie. And yes, Edgar Wright answered to fan requests to include Brie Larson’s version of “Black Sheep”!.

However, Wright had to ask for permission from Metric songwriter Emily Haines to do just that, he details his call to the songwriter, saying-

“So I called Emily Haines and I said, ‘This is going to seem so crazy, but 10 years later, is it ok if we have the Brie Larson version on the soundtrack, as well as the Metric one. So the new soundtrack has both versions on it.’ And she was like, ‘Oh, yeah, sure.’ They were totally fine about it, because now it’s on there twice.”

Interestingly, in June of last year, Brie Larson shared a Instagram post in which she hinted at a release of a “Black Sheep” cover-

The caption reads-

‪Happy 10 years, Scott Pilgrim vs The World! I promise you a “Black Sheep” cover is coming soon🥰 #ScottPilgrimIs10

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