Wonder Woman 1984: Patty Jenkins Claim Diana Prince Is Just Like Superman

Are they?

So, Bruce Wayne became the default saviour of Gotham city after his parents were killed, Barry Allen embracing his alter ego Flash was prompted by his mother’s death, Aquaman became a leader while avenging his mother’s supposed murder. The common link between them all is they got a motivation, a particular reason that set them on the path to put their powers to good use. But Superman has been the one lone superhero who was selfless long before he came to know about his tragic history and Wonder Woman 1984 director Patty Jenkins believes that Diana Prince falls in the same category. 

To date, Wonder Woman and now Wonder Woman 1984 has been a darling of critics who had not been that impressed with the live-action rendition of other DC superheroes. And all the credit for being the lucky charm that managed to actually revive a sinking franchise goes to its director Patty Jenkins whose love and understanding of the character has helped her in weaving a story that continues to add more fans to its long list every day.

It is based on this close understanding of the Amazonian warrior that Jenkins recently explained the striking similarity to Los Angeles Times she shares with Superman a.k.a. Clark Kent as just like him, Diana Prince is a “true north, very simple” superhero. 

“What I find interesting about her is that she and Superman are the OG, true north, very simple superheroes. They are people with superpowers [who are] here to save the day. All of the other superheroes that came after had some slant or angle that separated them. And so I think that was something that was strangely missing with so many superhero movies. None of them were very simple in that way. I loved getting to do that with her.”

Patty Jenkins

Looking at the comments objectively, they do seem to hold water. On hand, we have Clark Kent who had been saving lives and thwarting evil villains with his powers before he came to know of his Kryptonian origins and the fact that his parents are dead. While Diana Prince, whose backstory will be more extensively explored in Wonder Woman 1984, does know about her roots from the get go, she had no reason to put her life on the line for saving humans.

In this way, both the superheroes have been selflessly laying down their life and facing one threat after another since years and didn’t need any tragic life incident to become the messiahs they ended up being. 

The fact that both Superman and Wonder Woman come from different, mythical lands and are no ordinary humans who have been given the powers also makes up a common background for the two. 

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