Wonder Woman 1984: Pedro Pascal’s Villainous Maxwell Lord’s Powers Explained

What are his superpowers?

Throughout the multiple adaptations of the DC superhero, Wonder Woman, one of the most notorious and dangerous foes of the Amazonian princess will be brought to the big screen for the first time by actor Pedro Pascal in Wonder Woman 1984. The Game Of Thrones and Mandalorian star will be seen as the businessman Maxwell Lord but unlike Kristen Wiig’s Cheetah, not much is known about his character. But with the release of the Wonder Woman sequel delayed yet again, let’s deduce how this new villain fits into the world of DCEU’s Diana Prince. 

In the official trailer of Wonder Woman 1984, Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) is somehow back from the dead and Wonder Woman is up against her friend-turned-villain Barbara Ann Minera, who turns from a shy individual into an “apex predator,” i.e., the Cheetah. And Pedro Pascal’s sinister portrayal of Maxwell Lord hints that he is the prime villain and is pulling the strings this time. 

Maxwell Lord In DC Comics

In DC comics, Maxwell Lord originally got his powers when a bomb activated by aliens triggered his latent power, which was telepathic mind control. As he was distrustful when it came to superheroes, he began chipping away at the minds of the members of Justice League. There even came a time when he grew so powerful that he could control even the most powerful of them i.e., Superman, leaving Wonder Woman no option but to kill him.

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His powers were taken down a notch in DC Rebirth in which he can only mentally manipulate people into acting on their own subconscious desires that end up benefitting him. 

Pedro Pascal as Maxwell Lord in Wonder Woman 1984

According to Pedro Pascal, Maxwell Lord is a businessman who is driven by his greed of always wanting more, which even makes him take advantage of other’s greed for his benefit. So far, DCEU’s Lord sounds like his comic counterpart. But Pascal further described him as a “dream-seller.” 

The Wonder Woman 1984 junior novelization presents a mystical object known as the Dreamstone that can grant one wish per person but with consequences that get bigger with how ambitious the wish is. Somehow Lord gets his hands on the stone and too greedy to suffice with one wish, he wishes to possess the power of the Dreamstone himself. It’s here his psychic powers come into play as he can manipulate people around him to wish what he wants. 

In the latest Wonder Woman 1984 trailer, Pedro Pascal as Maxwell Lord can be seen broadcasting to the entire world, inviting them to make a wish. In the scene, he can be seen standing behind a White House podium– somehow he wished himself into the presidency as well– and throwing out his hand as a powerful gust of energy billows around him, which hints that he could have used the Dreamstone to amp up his power of persuasion in a way that he can manipulate millions through just their TV sets. 

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