Zendaya and John David Washington Make It In Time For Oscars with Malcolm & Marie

It is “not a love story,” it is “the story of love.”

Zendaya and John David Washington have made it just in for the Oscars, as they star in the upcoming Netflix movie from the director Sam Levinson, “Malcolm & Marie”.

While the year 2020 did see a lot of movies being postponed from Dune to Batman, due to the low of people going to theatres amidst the pandemic. “Malcolm & Marie” was teased to be one of the films being filmed in quarantine which people were waiting on especially since it is being directed from the mind behind HBO’s Euphoria and the news that the Emmy Award Winning star, Zendaya and the rising star, John David Washington would be starring in it created a lot of hype back in July.

And now in 2021, we got the trailer for Malcolm & Marie along with a release date slated for 5th February and it looks like it deserves the hype. The film looks gritty and mysterious which is due to it being shot on 35mm monochromatic film and is sure to complement the atmosphere of the film.

What is this Zendaya and John David Washington starrer “Malcolm & Marie” about?

Malcolm & Marie is a romance drama starring Zendaya as Marie and John David Washington as Malcolm, a film director. The movie takes place as the two come back home one evening after Malcolm’s movie premiere which he claims to be his masterpiece. The plot progresses as the two indulge in revealing their true feelings about each other which will test their definition of “love” and as the trailer suggests both Zendaya and John David Washington are sure to get a nod from the Oscars for their acting in this one.

The complete film was shot in just two weeks during the time between June 17-July 2 and at a single location, which is the beautiful neo-modernistic Feldman Architecture’s Caterpillar House. A necessity out of the current safety protocols might turn out to be a boon for this film.

The idea of movie struck to the director, Sam Levinson when Zendaya suggested him to try out a new project after his schedule of filming the second season of Euphoria was shut down in summer, 2020. As he told Deadline that “Over the course of those conversations, it got around to, ‘hey Sam, what if we were to shoot something in my house? Make it just us. We could write something,’ Zendaya said. We had no expectation of what that would be, or what it would look like. Then it was, would this even be possible? Some very strange ideas started floating around and some concepts that definitely didn’t make it.”

In September 2020, Netflix bought the rights for the film for $30 million when 20-minutes of “Malcolm & Marie” were presented for promotion in Toronto.

Check out the trailer for Malcom & Marie below-

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