Adele Reveals Why She’s Going To Open Her Upcoming Concert With 2015 Hit ‘Hello’

“I’m always going to start with ‘Hello.’

Ahead of her upcoming Adele One Night Only concert special, Adele revealed she’ll be kicking things off with her famous old tune.

The 33-years-old singer shared with Oprah Winfrey in an interview clip from the special shared Wednesday that although her performance on Adele One Night Only is in celebration of her new album 30, she will begin with her 2015 hit “Hello.”

Shedding some light on the origin story of her hit single Hello, which she released in October 2015 as the lead single off her third studio album, 25, Adele said: “I’m always going to start with ‘Hello.’ It’d be a bit weird if it was like, halfway through the set, you know? So yeah, I’m starting with it.”

The “Easy on Me” singer explained that “Hello” was “the beginning of me trying to find myself, and I hadn’t figured out yet what it was that I had to do for that.”

Elaborating further, she went on to explain the song’s importance to her.

“When I wrote it, it was a real ode to like, little me, older me, all of these things,” she said. “It’s just a song about like, ‘I’m still here.’ Like, ‘Hi, I’m still here, I still exist in every aspect of my life.’ “

Adele’s highly anticipated album 30 will release on Nov. 19, but she will be performing new music from the album, along with some of her biggest hits, during a two-hour CBS special titled Adele One Night Only.

The performance, which will air on Nov. 14, will also feature an interview with Winfrey in which she will discuss the stories behind her new songs, life after divorce, weight loss, and raising her son.

Adele also explained why she chose to make her “comeback” in front of the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles.

“You’ll hear a lot of older songs, and then four new songs,” Adele told Oprah Winfrey, who interviewed the pop star for the two-hour special airing this weekend. “Being in LA as well where I sort of had to recover from everything that happened in my life the last few years. It was the perfect show.”

She then added, “It will look really elegant, and then I will tell a load of filthy jokes. It will be sort of whiplash for them.”

The outdoor concert special was attended by Lizzo, Gabrielle Union and her husband Dwyane Wade, and Tyler Perry, among others.

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