Are BTS V And BlackPink’s Jennie Dating? All You Need To Know

Fans are confused!

On May 22nd, rumors arose that BTS V, AKA Kim Taehyung and BlackPink‘s Jennie are dating. The rumor came hours after fans of the Korean music Groups started discussing how the latter and BigBang’s G-Dragon had broken up. However, none of these rumors have been confirmed yet.

A little bit on G-Dragon’s relationship with the Blackpink idol

Initially, Jennie and G-Dragon’s relationship rumors also had not been confirmed even after Dispatch shared photos of the duo in February, 2021. These led many to assume that the pop idols were a couple. However, recent reports suggested that the two might not be together anymore since the Bigbang member’s alleged private Instagram account unfollowed Jennie’s account.


Are BTS V and Jennie dating or not?

This leads us to BTS V and Jennie’s relationship rumors. Apparently, fans started whispering about this alleged pairing after one of them shared a picture of the duo in a car at Jeju Island. But since the snap was taken from quite a bit of distance, it is unclear making it hard to figure out whether the couple in it are the people in question or not.


A lot of the fans also accused the picture of undergoing heavy editing. At the same time, others called for the privacy of the stars’ lives regardless of the authenticity of the picture.


 “Jennie and V’s picture whether edited or not I don’t seem to know what’s the problem with it. let them be happy/let them hang out,” wrote one fan. “This is real photo V and J-hope !! Stop saying Jennie because the photo is edit!” wrote another one. “Real or not, I don’t understand why people find it so hard to accept that idols can be friends and they can date. very shocking, I know, but its all normal I promise,” tweeted another one. “Who cares if it’s true or not. Idols can date or hang out with whoever they want. They’re human,” commented a fourth fan.

Neither BTS V nor Jennie have spoken up about this topic.

What is BTS up to these days?

BTS has also been preparing for their big comeback on June 10th. The two-time Grammy-nominated K-poppers are all set to come out with their latest studio album titled “Proof”. They revealed the news of this album at their Las Vegas concert that took place back in April.

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