BTS Broke Some Major Youtube Records With ‘Dynamite’!

The K-Pop group is on a record breaking streak!

BTS quite literally blew the Internet and broke several big Youtube records with their latest single Dynamite.

The K-Pop band dropped Dynamite, their first fully English track, on August 21. Everyone knew it was going to be big when the video started breaking records within minutes of its release.

According to Billboard, BTS now have the biggest debut of all time on YouTube. Their song broke all existing first-day records for a video on the platform.

Here’s what the stats say!

BTS Dynamite was a MASSIVE hit on YouTube

Dynamite garnered 101.1 million views in the first 24 hours after it dropped. With this, BTS achieved one of the most impressive YouTube records. And in becoming the most viewed video in its first day, Dynamite surpassed Blackpink’s How You Like That.

As Dynamite approached the 24-hour mark, it appeared to have racked up 98.3 million views. YouTube and Big Hit Entertainment later confirmed the numbers, saying BTS reached 101.1 million views on YouTube.

BTS also got the biggest YouTube premiere ever, with more than 3 million concurrent viewers tuned in at the time the track released.

Further, Dynamite became the fastest YouTube video to reach 10 million views, doing so in just 21 minutes. It crossed 20 million views in merely an hour and 14 minutes.

The song definitely smashed YouTube records. But we have a feeling its glory will last till August 30 only, that is until BTS performs Dynamite at the 2020 VMAs. When that video gets uploaded, we’re sure new records will be created!

BTS broke Spotify and iTunes records too!

Not only did BTS shatter massive YouTube records, they also took steaming platforms by storm.

Dynamite debuted at No.1 on Spotify’s daily Global Top 50 chart. Achieving 7,778,950 streams in a day, it beat Taylor Swift’s Cardigan. And so, BTS now has the biggest Spotify debut of 2020.

This marks the first time that BTS reached the top spot on Spotify’s Global Top 50. Moreover, Dynamite became the first song by a Korean artist to ever debut at No.1 on the chart.

The track racked up 100 No. 1s on iTunes within 8 hours, making the septet the fastest artist to do so. Previously, BTS’s My Time, Black Swan, Moon and Your Eyes Tell also achieved over 100 No. 1s on iTunes. Thus, the group is the first ever artist to have five songs achieve 100 No.1’s on iTunes.

So many records in so little time, BTS are definitely on a roll!

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