BTS’ Jimin Showers His Fans With ‘Christmas Love’ A Day Before Christmas!

Will this be our new Christmas anthem?

Christmas is finally here! And BTS’ Jimin has welcomed the much awaited holiday with a surprise track, ”Christmas Love”, that he dropped earlier, this afternoon to his fans’ elation. The song is produced by Slow Rabbit, RM and Jimin himself and has a blend of English and Korean lyrics. Courtesy of BTS army, ChristmasLovebyJimin and ThankYouJimin started trending world wide on twitter not long after the new Xmas melody was out.

The song that reminiscences the singer’s childhood Xmas and his love for the holiday has already garnered over 3 million views within 5 hours of release. ‘Christmas Love’ resonates with our yearning to go back to easier times when we spent the holiday in the snow unperturbed, but on the other hand, it positively tunes to looking towards the future with hope, something that we all desperately need to do.

Jimin, affectionately known as Mochi took to BTS’s blog Bangtan to explain why he ”suddenly heard this bright song in this difficult situation”.

This song is a scene where my favourite snow falls out of my childhood memories.
I sing with my feelings when I first saw them. 
As we grow up, it seems that we miss our childhood a lot. 
Whether that’s the situation now or not,
I thought I wanted to go back to that time,” Jimin wrote in the blog.

Talking about how we mature as we grow up, laden with a responsibility that makes us hide our feelings and emotions, Mochi says in the blog that he still thinks we have those feelings. He then emphasizes on letting our feelings out today, in this blessed season,however childish that may sound.

The Kpop star concludes his heartfelt message with the following,
All of you are always worthy of love.  
So, even if it’s a little shy than the usual expression
I hope there will be a situation where everyone can enjoy together. 
It’s a song that’s far short of what’s written in grandiose,
I hoped that all of you would be happy people and made it hard with one wish.
I hope I can go back to the old days that you remember a little bit after listening to the song.” Who’s cutting onions?!

Didn’t Christmas 2020 get a whole lot better? We don’t know about us but it’s definitely getting better for people in Daegu in South Korea where BTS will be performing at 2020 SBS Gayo Daejeon on 25th December. Following this, the K-pop band has a performance scheduled on 30th December for the 62nd Japan Record Awards.

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