Drake And DJ Khaled Drop Not One But Two New Tracks, “Greece” And “Popstar”!

After two weeks of teasing their fans, the new songs are finally here!

Drake and DJ Khaled have released TWO new tracks for their fans. Both songs “Greece” and “Popstar”, were dropped earlier today.

Both of them have arrived after two weeks of teasing through posts and stories on Instagram. The American DJ, about a month ago, teased fans by posting images with owls on Instagram, which signifies a collaboration with Drizzy Drake. He posted a picture of an owl with a key in its mouth and also uploaded a video of him sitting beside a wall with a painting of an owl.

Drake was not far behind in getting to his fans either, through his Instagram story he hinted at a new song when he uploaded an image of an owl with the word “Greece” underneath it.

To announce the drop of the new song, Khaled even took to Twitter saying “DJ KHALED feat. @Drake SOME BOY DEM MAKE POP CHUNE WE MAKE CHUNE THAT GO POP! POP PON THEY HEAD!!” with the poster of “Popstar”. On his IG, he confirmed that the two songs would be part of his new album.

Drake and DJ Khaled’s song “Greece”, produced by OZ and Iggy takes on the chipper vibe of summer and talks about a vacation in Greece. “Speedboats, baby, in Nikki Beach/Waves in my ears, smokin’ weed (Wait, wait),” sings Drake. “Whippin’ through the sand in a Jeep (Wait, wait)/All because of what I did on beats, baby/Life’s sweet, baby, iced out, baby/You just go get ready, we go out, baby/Long time lookin’ for the bounce, yeah/OZ had the bounce, yeah.”

As for “Popstar”, the music is about a pop star by one of the most successful pop star of our time. While the song even name drops a number of pop stars, it holds no mention of subtlety. “I’m a pop star, but this shit ain’t bubblegum.” Drake sings bluntly.

Drake and DJ Khaled have released these new tracks just in time to make it to the charts. After all, the position for the summer song of the year is still open, as we experience our hottest season of the year.

This isn’t the first time the two artists have collaborated after climbing the charts. They have worked on songs like “To the Max,” “For Free,” “No New Friends” and “I’m on One” together.

Prior to the release of “Greece” and “Popstar”, Drake released a surprise mixtape in May called “Dark Lane Demo Tapes”. This mixtape is a project of 14 songs.

Drake and DJ Khaled are both currently working to make new music and all we have to do is wait. While you wait, listen to their new tracks “Greece” and “Popstar”

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