Ed Sheeran Says He Would Love To Have More Kids After Daughter Lyra

Ed Sheeran spoke about his life after becoming a father

Ed Sheeran and Cherry Seaborn were blessed with a daughter in August last year. Recently, the singer said on a podcast that he would be ‘super grateful’ to have more kids with Cherry Seaborn.

Cherry and Ed are childhood friends and also shared classrooms in secondary school. In January 2018, they announced their engagement and one year later, got married.

And on September 1, 2020, Ed proclaimed on social media that his wife gave birth to a ‘beautiful and healthy daughter’ and they named her Lyra Antarctica Seaborn Sheeran.

He wrote,”Ello! A quick message from me as I have some personal news that I wanted to share with you… Last week, with the help of an amazing delivery team, Cherry gave birth to our beautiful and healthy daughter – Lyra Antarctica Seaborn Sheeran.”

On a recent podcast, he said that he would be thankful if they have more kids in future but currently happy to have one daughter.

He said: “I would obviously be super grateful to be able to have any more kids, but I think girls are far superior to boys. As a boy myself, I feel like I can say this.”

“I feel like we were so lucky to be able to have one that I think I would obviously love more. But I think we’re so lucky to just have one. So if nothing else happens, I’m so happy, basically,” he continued.

Ed, 30, revealed that becoming a parent is like joining a club where everyone understands each other.

“I think that whenever you become a parent, you enter into this club that all the other parents are in and everyone understands each other,” he said on the podcast. Also, Ed’s mother helped the couple so that they can spend some moments by themselves and relax. He said, “My, mum will babysit Lyra for the evening and we’ll go out for a drink with someone who is also a parent. Then we’ll be like, ‘Oh, well, we’re going to go back now,’ and there’s no pushback on that. It’s just like, ‘Yeah, cool, totally understand.'”

Ed Sheeran also reflects the reason behind his new look.

After the birth of Lyra, Ed Sheeran has started exercising to get healthier.

On Monday’s The Late Late Show, Ed said,”Well, I became a dad and I feel like my lifestyle shift has changed. Instead of going to bed at six [in morning], I’m getting up at four.”

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“It just feels like what life was meant to be. It’s great. My days are structured. I’m healthier than I’ve ever been. I’m exercising every day,” he continued.

Not only has he started giving attention to his health, but also he is giving more attention to his music.

“I’m spending so much time at home making the record. Yeah, I feel like a human being. It’s good.”

Ed divulged that his confidence in his work was decreasing day by day after the ÷ Tour. But after the birth of Lyra, he started singing and gaining confidence.

“I didn’t touch the guitar for months after my tour finished. I kind of had a crisis of confidence of I wanted to not work, but then I was like, ‘Work is my hobby.’ So I basically had to find different things that I had as hobbies so it wasn’t just all [singing]. So I didn’t touch a guitar for ages. Actually, when Lyra was born, that’s when I picked it up again and started singing to her. I was brought up on traditional Irish folk music and being able to sing trade songs to her was really, really sweet,” he shared.

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