“Fetch The Bolt Cutters” Fiona Apple Sings And Steals Our Heart, Breath, And Attention!

Self Quarantine for decades, Fiona Apple?

“Fetch the bolt cutters, I’ve been in here too long” AH! Hits right in the feels, isn’t it? 

Fiona Apple’s new tracks have got us hooked onto them! She has been that one artist who has maintained a clear distance from pop culture and made her music symbolic of deeper things: mental health, sexual assault, and spirituality. It’s one of that deep dark music you know, the one that sets a MOOD of its own!

Fetch The Bolt Cutters, newly dropped studio album 

It feels like ages since we have heard the news of a fresh album by Fiona Apple. The album has songs about life and about realizations around how life is not linear and there are always going to be bumps on the way. In fact, go deeper, they are also about how life is a spiral and everything keeps coming back to square one. 

The way the music has been produced is interesting too. She has literally banged the walls and floor of her Venice house during the recording. Wild? Nah, art! Oh, and her production help? She credits it to Mercy, Maddie, Leo, Little, and Alfie who, by the way, are her five dogs. 

Everything about this Fetch The Bolt Cutters reeks of perfection and harmony. We can’t remember the last time we heard something that was so refreshing, hard-hitting and well, creative AF!  

Self Quarantine for decades, Fiona Apple?  

For us, this quarantine is new. But this singer and composer has been so deeply invested in her art that she has been living far away from the media and fame for a decade now. Nobody knows what she does and everything we know about her literally comes from her music. Recently, someone asked her if she knows that Jenifer Lopez had once stripped to her song, but she was clueless. We told you, she is far, far away from pop culture. Her world is only and only music. We wonder if her saying ‘fetch the bolt cutters’ should worry us? Is she going through a tough phase mentally and is expressing that via her song? What do you think? 

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