Jay-Z And Nas Collab With DMX On New ‘Exodus’ Album To Be Released Posthumously

DMX’s new album release comes as a tribute to the tragic passing away of the rapper”

DMX’s “Exodus” album features collaborations with various artists

While the whole world awaits patiently for the release of late rapper DMX’s new “Exodus” album, which is to get a posthumous release in two more weeks, Swizz Beatz and the rapper’s team conducted a listening party for the album on Zoom on Thursday night. However, the only ones invited were fellow musicians and DJs.

Those who attended the pre-streaming reported that DMX’s “Exodus” album features guest performances from artists like Usher, Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, the Lox, Snoop Dogg, Griselda, and two verses from the 47-year-old rapper Nas, according to Complex. In fact, it was also reported that Hov, Nas and DMX also collaborated together on a track. Fans just couldn’t be more excited!

DJ E Dubble’s comments on the new album

The sneak peek of the album conducted on Zoom was attended by popular DJs like DJ Mr. Peter Parker and DJ E Dubble. The latter also tweeted his response regarding the production quality of the new album, which was done by Swizz Beatz. According to him, Swizz “did his thing on production.”.

The DJ also commented on the track where Jay-Z and Nas featured together, and also mentioned how moved he was by the new album, so much so that it brought tears to his eyes.

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Which track didn’t make it to DMX’s “Exodus” album?

Other rumors have also emerged following the clandestine live streaming of the album, with one of them talking about a special collab between X and Pop Smoke, being snubbed from the final cut of DMX’s “Exodus” album. According to Tony Hanes of DA DOME, the song didn’t make it “because of a situation but Swizz didn’t go into detail.”

Swizz Beatz’s comments on his late friend and the new album

Producer Swizz Beatz also had a lot to say about the album and the late rapper who was his close friend. “My brother X was one of the most pure and rare souls I’ve ever met,” he said. “He lived his life dedicated to his family and music. Most of all, he was generous with his giving and loved his fans beyond measure. This album, X couldn’t wait for his fans all around the world to hear and show just how much he valued each and every single person that has supported him unconditionally,” he added, according to reports.

The late rapper’s previous collaborations with Jay-Z and Nas

DMX and Jay-Z have previously collaborated as well on tracks like “Blackout,” “It’s Murda,” and “Money, Cash, Hoes”. Whereas, Nas and the late rapper joined forces on songs like “Life Is What You Make It” and “Grand Finale.” But this is the first time the three great rappers will come together to showcase their skills on DMX’s latest “Exodus” album and will surely be a treat!

DMX’s death

DMX passed away on April 2, reportedly being hospitalized for what seemed to be a drug overdose which led to a heart attack, at his home in White Plains, New York. He was 50 at the time of his death. His family also issued a statement via a press representative confirming his death, according to reports.

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