Justin Bieber Touches Hearts With ‘Holy’ Music Video Featuring Chance The Rapper

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Justin Bieber is back after his POPSTAR fantasy but with a massive change in vibe with the release of a new music video and song ‘Holy’ alongside Chance The Rapper.

The video shows Justin as an oil-miner on the grind while his on-screen lover and real-life actress Ryan Destiny is a caregiving nurse to the elderly. The video starts with Justin Bieber waking up next to his unofficial wife, which is in stark contrast to his recent lip-sync music video. Both share a cup of coffee and Justin leaves for work at an oil-field while his love goes off to take care of her senile patients.

“That the way you hold me, hold me, hold me, hold me, hold me,” sings Bieber during the chorus of the song as he remembers the sweet moments of the couple together. “Feels so holy, holy, holy, holy, holy.” repeats the word in the chorus, similar to his song Yummy.

Justin Bieber dons the worker outfit consisting of brown overalls, a white long sleeve tee, and a yellow safety hat, he then gets to work all covered in sweet and crude oil residue. while some scenes are shown of his sweetheart cheerfully taking care of her patients, dancing with them, and holding hands with one patient who shares his photos of when he was young and healthy, but now is critically ill.

The second half of chorus seems to address his love for his real-life wife Hailey Bieber. “On God / Runnin’ to the altar like a track star,’ he sings. ‘Can’t wait another second.” sings Justin.

But the joy ends in the middle of the video as the music stops, Justin Bieber and his co-workers gather together for the announcement that the oil plant is going to be shut down amid a ‘global situation,’ addressing the situation of employment rates due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bieber packs his bag to leave but is let-down by his truck failing to start. Ryan also learns the hard truth that her patient passes away by noticing the empty bed. Chance the Rapper then appears to rap his verse for Holy, shot in a greenhouse at night with Justin posing behind him. 

While Chance The Rapper drops his bars, Bieber and Ryan are kicked out of their apartment and are left out on the road with nowhere to go. As they’re walking they eventually meet a kind soldier (played by That 70’s show star Wilmer Valderrama) who stops his ride to ask if the homeless couple. Then they arrive at the soldier’s house where they meet his dear family and they all happily enjoy dinner together.

Check out the wholesome music video below-

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