Katy Perry Releases Album ‘Smile’ From Hospital Bed After Nursing Baby Daughter All Day!

“Finally got back that smile!”

There is no one blessed with a super will like a mother and singer-songwriter Katy Perry has proved as much. The 35-year-old wonder woman had been busy releasing new songs, glossy merchandise and preparing the stage for her sixth studio album, Smile, throughout her pregnancy. Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s baby daughter was born on 26th August and many expected the new mommy to postpone the release of her album, but while she is busy celebrating motherhood, she didn’t let it delay Smile, which is here, right on time!

Delivering a child is no simple task but even as Katy Perry is currently spending her days nursing her newborn daughter, she had neither lost her sense of humour nor her zeal for dedication. She even took to Twitter to promote the release of her album by humorously calling out how she is on a delivery spree this week. 

“Delivering a baby and a record in the same week,” she tweeted. “Dont **** with mama aka #whatmakesawoman #smile.”

She then took to Instagram with a hilarious picture of a harried couple, sharing that she has taken a little time off her daughter, Daisy Dove Bloom, to look after her album Smile, her “second child” 

“me after feeding all day handing Daisy off to daddy bout to deliver this 2nd child #SMILEISCOMINGlezzgo,” she wrote. 

And now, Smile is finally here

“IT’S HERE! IT’S REALLY HERE! I finally got back my smile! Hope this record puts one on your face #SMILE IS OUT EVERYWHERE NOW! LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH ENJOY (sent from my hospital bed lol),” Perry has shared, with palpable excitement at finally sharing her album with her fans. Smile is Katy Perry’s sixth studio album, releasing after a gap of three years after her 2017 album Witness.

Like most of Katy Perry’s work, Smile also doesn’t merely rely on a stellar choreography and powerhouse chorus– it depicts the singer’s journey in life and how she has emotionally grown. Apart from her previously released singles, “Never Really Over,” “Daisies,” and the title track “Smile”, there are 9 more tracks for your asap binge music session. 

Stream Katy Perry’s Smile in full below:

Perry had also announced that Smile will be accompanied by its own promotional game, called Katy Quest, which she is releasing in collaboration with Alienware.

It is a collection of circus-themed mini video games based on the theme of Smile’s title track. In one of the games, players will be tasked with helping circus characters Strong Man, Frog Prince and Wolf Boy by turning their frowns upside down and finding their smiles again. There is also an array of carnival games– weight lifting, clown dancing, and knife throwing– featured from the official music video of Smile.

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