Lady Gaga’s Peppy Ode To Stupid Love Has Got Us Grooving; Song Details Inside

What is love? Blind? Yes. Supportive? Yes. Unconditional? Yes. Stupid? Heck yes!

What is love? Blind? Yes. Supportive? Yes. Unconditional? Yes. Stupid? Heck yes! 

Oscar-winner Lady Gaga drops gold for the music industry 

It hasn’t been long since her Shallow received the award for the best original score at the Oscars. With a victory high, Lady Gaga has released another single that sure looks like on the path of being everyone’s next top listed pop song. 

Gaga gives cupid a ranger touch

Stupid love might be about high school romance and what not but the look she has in the song has taken everyone by a surprise. Hot pink, over the top makeup, a metallic costume with a pink wig, her character in the song has weaved a fantasy land where she’s dancing with a few others craving for love. The publicity of the song is also being done by a close up of lips smushed with pink lipstick. Umm, while the song itself has foot-tapping tunes and interesting lyrics, the video makes us raise our eyebrows in disbelief of what is really happening. But hey, here is a thing, this is the signature gaga style. 

Another fun fact about this song is that the entire music video has been shot on an Apple iPhone 11 Pro.  Apple, great job there, buddy. 

Not a shush-shush affair anymore! 

Lady Gaga wanted to keep the news of this single a surprise and drop the bomb at midnight but in January, snippets of the song leaked creating music havoc on twitter. Not only did it make people more eager for the official song release but it, of course, also became a brooding ground for memes.
Lady Gaga being a sport about all this in fact even went on to respond to one of these tweets. 

#Trivia: one of the pictures that Lady Gaga posted back in October showed us a glimpse of the music she was listening to and it was none other than STUPID LOVE! 

Well, the wait only made us more-thirsty and now that the single has finally dropped, we’re surely listening to it on loop. The pop queen is back, world! The chartbuster list is about to be shaken down with this heavy dose of stupid love! 

Stay thirsty, stay stupid!

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