Lil Nas X’s Pregnancy Shoot Pictures Has Taken The Internet By Storm

“It’s been a lot of self-affirmations this year.”

If you have been noticing the happiness in Lil Nas X, it is because he is expecting a baby — his debut album Montero, that is.

The rapper revealed that he will be giving birth to an “Industry Baby” on Sept. 17 with an outrageous new photoshoot on Thursday. For the announcement, the “Old Town Road” star went out with an over-the-top photoshoot that has sent the internet into a frenzy.

Lil Nas X dressed in a white flowing robe with a cream rose flower crown, while cradling his “baby bump” in an photoshoot published on Sept. 2.

“SURPRISE!” he captioned images from the shoot. “I can’t believe i’m finally announcing this. My little bundle of joy ‘MONTERO’ is due September 17, 2021.” 

The 22-year-old shared the news with their nearly 10 million followers in a rather unconventional way by also posting an edited image of his album cover imposed onto an ultrasound pic. “These contractions are killing me,” he teased on Twitter. 

Per People, the inspiration for the photoshoot came from Megan Thee Stallion’s verse on their new song, “Dolla Sign Slime.” Lil Nas X told the outlet, “I was like, ‘Oh my God, this is amazing,’ so I immediately called my stylist. She was like, ‘Wow, this all comes together. Your album. Your baby.’ I was like, ‘Yeah, this is my baby, huh?’ As a joke, she was like, ‘Yeah, you should do a pregnancy shoot.’ 

And he decided to go forward with the idea. ”I was like, ‘You know what? That’s actually brilliant… So now we have this entire thing coming out, and it’s going to be amazing,” he recalled. 

While critics felt his new floral images were too “cringe,” fans embraced his creative shoot writing, “he took submissive and breedable to a new level fr.” 

Nas’ Montero was largely created over the past year in lockdown. The creation of this new music, Lil Nas X said on Twitter last week, was “therapeutic.”

“I’ve changed in so many ways,” he says now. “I’ve changed the way that I handle a lot of situations, the way I manage my sadness and anger and just understanding that I don’t have to react to emotions in certain ways. I can’t choose how I feel, but I can choose how to react. I’ve learned to let people’s comments roll off my back.”

The process of making his album brought in a lot of learning. Lil Nas X learned through the creation of this album “to have full faith in myself.”

“The only person that really has to believe in me is myself,” he told PEOPLE. “It’s been a lot of self-affirmations this year that I probably would not have been able to do two years ago.”

The songs represent Lil Nas X’s journey from “places I’ve been to places I want to go.”

“You’re getting a lot of stories about me,” he said, speaking about the album. “You’re getting a lot of stories about my past and where I want to be in my love life. But they’re also a bop. I feel like I finally found a great balance between being as real as possible within my music and making a hit song. I hope every single corner of the globe is reached with this album.” 

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