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Niall Horan Drops His Second Album Heartbreak Weather & Gets Called Out For Weak Writing But Good Vocals

Are these songs dedicated to someone he knew?

Its Friday the 13th and in the middle of a supposedly spooky day, one of the One Direction star Niall Horan has released his second album titled ‘Heartbreak Weather.’ The excitement and wait for this album have been big and now that it is finally out, let’s just dive into it directly!

While the music feels very smooth and soft, the kind that makes you want to forget your worries, a closer ear to the lyrics reveals that these songs aren’t exactly talking to us. Yes, on a superficial level the songs are addressed to the audience about a guy’s post break up journey, but the vagueness and repeatedness of the statements just comes through after a point.

Is that Niall Horan on a chair for the cover? 

Niall Horan hits a 10/10 score when it comes to the damn creative featured album cover where we see him standing in the middle of a disserted road on the top of a chair. Its symbolic of the emptiness his character feels which is why some soft pop feel-good music becomes a balm to the soul. We totally find a part of ourselves in the album.  

Niall Horan being judged unfairly? 

The One Direction split has been harsh for everyone, from the fans to the band members themselves. Niall Horan too had a difficult time finding his way back in the music industry once the band got dissolved. In 2017, he released his first solo album called Flicker and it did crazy well! Now when the news of a second album came in, the expectations went sky rocking and therefore, the audience feels a little disappointed with the tracks. 

As for us, sure the lyrics don’t deliver as promised but we have to give to him, the guy sings amazingly! The saving grace for this album is his soulful voice and decent background score. It is one of those calming albums that you would want to play at night before falling asleep. Night jam, maybe? 

The megastar is going to be on tonight’s Friday Late Night Show and we are hoping for loads of revelations and insider motivation updates. Are these songs dedicated to someone he knew? 

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