Nicki Minaj Copyright Lawsuit’s Verdict Is Out And It’s A Win For The Artist!

Larger concerns and barriers to creativity and art?

Nicki Minaj Copyright Lawsuit has been in news for a long time. The world-famous rapper landed herself in this court case when one of her songs was put through scrutiny owing to similar lyrics of another song. On Wednesday, the verdict for the same finally came out and before we get into what the judges have to say, let’s understand what Nicki Minaj Copyright Lawsuit was about.

What is the Nicki Minaj Copyright Lawsuit all about?

Nicki Minaj’s song ‘Sorry’ had a few lines with lyrics based on Tracy Chapman’s ‘Baby Can I Hold You.’ The latter had hence filed for copyright infringement. At first glance, Nicki Minaj does seem at fault, right? But here’s the catch: ‘Sorry’ had not yet been released. It was supposed to be a part of her 2018 album ‘Queen’ but was dropped at the last minute.

The music industry thrives heavily on taking inspiration from existing pieces of art. It is a common practice to borrow beats, music, or lyrics from other songs and take permission from the artist before its release.

What was the Nicki Minaj Copyright Lawsuit verdict?

Since Nicki Minaj’s experiment song ‘sorry’ was never released for commercial purposes or public use, her usage of Tracy Chapman’s lyrics has been ruled as ‘fairly’ used by the judges. The song did make it to ‘The Breakfast Club’ and at an event of DJ Flex but Nicky Minaj’s representatives deny sharing the song with any of these two parties.

Judge Philips wrote, “Artists usually experiment with works before seeking licenses from rights holders and rights holders typically ask to see a proposed work before approving a license. A ruling uprooting these common practices would limit creativity and stifle innovation within the music industry.”

According to Minaj’s legal representatives, ‘Sorry’ had been recorded in 2017. Once Nicky Minaj’s team got to know about the similarity with Chapman’s track, they reached out to the latter for taking permission. This was denied and as a “blanket policy” a copyright infringement was filed.

The Nicki Minaj Copyright Lawsuit has become the talk of the town, especially of the entertainment industry since it opens up larger concerns and barriers to creativity and art. Minaj’s lawyers said,“Such free-flowing creativity is important to all recording artists, but particularly in hip hop, With that category of music, a recording artist typically goes into the studio and experiments with dozens of different ‘beats’ or snippets of melodies, before hitting upon a pleasing combination.”

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