Travis Scott And Kid Cudi Make An Impressive Comeback To ‘The Hot 100’ Post-Fortnite Concert At No.1 Position!

It’s party time for the Duo!

Travis Scott performed at a one of a kind event, the ‘Fortnite concert’, and made history by pulling off an insane performance and breaking the internet. His virtual concert saw 27.7 million unique users logging in as viewers.  The seeds of this out of the box appearance are now growing and, according to the Billboard: The Hot 100, welcome backs Travis Scott at the number one position on the list!

Before you ask, yes, Kid Cudi is DEFINITELY on the charts too! 

Kid Cudi & Travis Scott celebrate as ‘The Scotts’ bags #1! 

Kid Cudi and Travis Scott’s track, ‘The Scotts’ surprised everyone by landing the topmost position. This song has given Scott another feather to add in his hat and it also marks the first-ever Kid Cudi song to be ranked #1 on the Billboard. ‘The Scotts’ had drawn 42.2 million US streams and sold over 67,000 digital copies during its launch. This is undoubtedly one of the highest points in both their careers. 

Kid Cudi couldn’t contain his excitement on hearing the news and tweeted, “THIS MEANS SO MUCH TO ME!!! IVE BEEN IN THIS GAME FOR 12 YEARS AND I FINALLY DID THIS W MY MUTHAF***IN BROTHER!” 

What other Travis Scott songs made it big? 

Some other Travis Scott songs that made their way to The Hot 100 according to the Billboard include ‘Highest In The Room’ at number 38 and ‘Goosebumps’ at number 49. Anyone who has been following the Billboard’s chartbusters knows what a big deal it is for any singer or rapper to make this kind of a comeback. All hail the Fortnite concert king, Travis Scott!  

Travis Scott fans were also hoping for ‘Sicko Mode’ to make it to the hot 100 but the track didn’t meet the cut. With 1,036,209,178 plays on Spotify and 14.4 million US streams, Sicko Mode will have to land on a position below number 25 to be counted in the list. 

It’s party time for the Duo! 

Travis Scott recently gifted himself a Bugatti on his 28th birthday. As for Kid Cudi, we’re yet to hear what his big treat to himself for this amazing achievement is going to be! 

Their song was up against The Weeknd’s ‘Blinding Lights’ and the victory is theirs to celebrate. Cheers to them! 

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