Zayn Malik’s Vibez Is A Dreamy Sequence For The Fans, Featuring His Husky Voice

Zayn is officially making it a good year for the fans!

Zayn Malik’s Vibez‘s video is out now, and we can’t wait to tell you all about the new single from the 27-year-old.

Zayn released the audio of the song on Friday at midnight, and fans went crazy about the new song. But he is a man of many mysteries, and the singer soon dropped the video of the song too on Friday, giving everyone a surprise.

The dreamy sequence of the song is enough for anyone to fall in love with this guy. In addition to this, Zayn Malik’s Vibez has his husky deep voice enchanting the whole atmosphere. The song has R&B music and is shot on a theatrical stage.

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Zayn Malik’s Vibez starts with a curtain opening sequence as already seen by us in his tweets.

In the first sequence, he is seen sitting in a makeshift apartment with an animated backdrop of the city while watching television. He then proceeds to move to another city backdrop while driving a prop car. Malik is seen in an enchanted forest at night with a gorgeous overcoat draped around him. In the final sequence, we see him travelling by a wooden boat on a snow island with a red sofa and doing his magic on the center stage.

Zayn Malik’s Vibez has him in a relaxed attire too. The singer is seen in a black t-shirt and loose-fitting denim while showing off all his tattoos. He is rocking the video song with his platinum blond hair and a gold watch.

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Zayn Malik’s Vibez is dedicated to the mother of his baby girl, supermodel Gigi Hadid. It is co-written by him and Mike “Scribz” Riley, Rogét Chahayed, and Nija Charles. This is the second single from his upcoming album Nobody Is Listening. The album would be dropping on 15th January. Nobody Is Listening is Zayn’s third album after 2016 Mind Of Mine following 2018 Icarus Falls. Zayn also released a single Better from Nobody Is Listening in September, just after the birth of his daughter.

Zayn also put various posts on his social media promoting the song. In an Instagram video, he gave a glimpse of the song and a shot from behind the scenes. He captioned the video post, “#vibez video 🎬 out now!”

The Vibez singer also did a questionnaire on his stories where he told that his favorite song from the album is his next single, and he will also have some collaborations from artists like Devlin and Syd.

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